Past Events
Mon Jun 106:30pWorkshop:Decluttering 101
Mon May 133:00pOther:Preschool Pals Storytime
Mon May 132:30pOther:Busy Babies Storytime
Mon May 063:00pOther:Preschool Pals Storytime
Mon May 062:30pOther:Busy Babies Storytime
Mon Apr 293:00pOther:Preschool Pals Storytime
Mon Apr 292:30pOther:Busy Babies Storytime
Mon Apr 153:00pOther:Preschool Pals Storytime
Mon Apr 152:30pOther:Busy Babies Storytime
Mon Apr 083:00pOther:Preschool Pals Storytime
Mon Apr 082:30pOther:Busy Babies Storytime
Mon Apr 013:00pOther:Preschool Pals Storytime
Mon Apr 012:30pOther:Busy Babies Storytime
Mon Mar 253:00pOther:Preschool Pals Storytime
Mon Mar 252:30pOther:Busy Babies Storytime
Wed Mar 202:00pWorkshop:Learn How To Draw Superheroes!
Mon Mar 182:30pOther:Busy Babies Storytime
Mon Mar 183:00pOther:Preschool Pals Storytime
Mon Mar 112:30pOther:Busy Babies Storytime
Mon Mar 113:00pOther:Preschool Pals Storytime
Fri Mar 087:00pLecture:Emergency Preparedness Presentation
Mon Mar 042:30pMeeting:Busy Babies Storytime
Mon Mar 043:00pOther:Preschool Pals Storytime
Mon Feb 252:30pOther:Busy Babies Storytime
Mon Feb 253:00pOther:Preschool Pals Storytime
Wed Feb 133:00pWorkshop:Paint Like Maud
Mon Feb 112:30pOther:Busy Babies Storytime
Mon Feb 113:00pOther:Preschool Pals Storytime
Thu Feb 076:30pMeeting:Harry Potter Book Night
Tue Feb 053:30pOther:Make Valentine Cards that Light Up
Mon Feb 042:30pOther:Busy Babies Storytime
Mon Feb 043:00pOther:Preschool Pals Storytime
Mon Jan 282:30pOther:Busy Babies Storytime
Mon Jan 283:00pOther:Preschool Pals Storytime
Mon Jan 212:30pOther:Busy Babies Storytime
Mon Jan 213:00pOther:Preschool Pals Storytime
Mon Jan 142:30pOther:Busy Babies Storytime
Mon Jan 143:00pOther:Preschool Pals Storytime
Mon Jan 072:30pMeeting:Busy Babies Storytime
Mon Jan 073:00pOther:Preschool Pals Storytime
Mon Nov 262:30pOther:Busy Babies Storytime
Mon Nov 263:00pOther:Preschool Pals
Mon Nov 192:30pOther:Busy Babies Storytime
Mon Nov 193:00pOther:Preschool Pals
Sat Nov 172:30pOther:Younger Next Year...? - A Book Review
Sat Nov 102:30pOther:Younger Next Year...? - A Book Review
Mon Nov 052:30pOther:Busy Babies Storytime
Mon Nov 053:00pOther:Preschool Pals
Sat Nov 032:30pWorkshop:Younger Next Year...? A Book Review
Mon Oct 292:30pOther:Busy Babies Storytime
Mon Oct 293:00pOther:Preschool Pals
Mon Oct 222:30pOther:Busy Babies Storytime
Mon Oct 223:00pOther:Preschool Pals
Mon Oct 152:30pOther:Busy Babies Storytime
Mon Oct 153:00pOther:Preschool Pals
Mon Oct 012:30pOther:Busy Babies Storytime
Mon Oct 013:00pOther:Preschool Pals
Mon Sep 242:30pOther:Busy Babies Storytime
Mon Sep 243:00pOther:Preschool Pals
Mon Sep 172:30pOther:Busy Babies Storytime
Mon Sep 173:00pOther:Preschool Pals
Mon Sep 102:30pOther:Busy Babies Storytime
Mon Sep 103:00pOther:Preschool Pals
Thu Aug 232:00pOther:Kids Tech - MakerLab
Thu Aug 162:00pWorkshop:Tech Makers: LEGO Mindstorms Robotics
Thu Aug 092:00pOther:Kids Tech - WeDo Robotics
Thu Aug 022:00pWorkshop:Tech Makers: Little Bits
Thu Jul 262:00pOther:Kids Tech - Cubelets and Hexbugs
Fri Jul 202:30pOther:Little Ray's Reptiles
Thu Jul 192:00pWorkshop:Tech Makers: Ozobots
Wed Jul 1812:30pOther:Mad Science: Bugs!
Thu Jul 122:00pOther:Kids Tech - Snap Circuits
Fri Jun 1510:30aMeeting:Busy Babies Storytime
Fri Jun 1511:00aMeeting:Preschool Pals Storytime
Fri Jun 0811:00aMeeting:Preschool Pals Storytime
Fri Jun 0110:30aMeeting:Busy Babies Storytime
Fri Jun 0111:00aMeeting:Preschool Pals Storytime
Fri May 2510:30aMeeting:Busy Babies Storytime
Fri May 2511:00aMeeting:Preschool Pals Storytime
Fri May 1810:30aMeeting:Busy Babies Storytime
Fri May 1811:00aMeeting:Preschool Pals Storytime
Fri May 1110:30aMeeting:Busy Babies Storytime
Fri May 1111:00aMeeting:Preschool Pals Storytime
Mon May 072:00pWorkshop:Security While Using Social Media
Fri May 0410:30aMeeting:Busy Babies Storytime
Fri May 0411:00aMeeting:Preschool Pals Storytime
Thu May 034:00pMeeting:Escape Room
Fri Apr 2711:00aMeeting:Preschool Pals Storytime
Fri Apr 2710:30aMeeting:Busy Babies Storytime
Fri Apr 2011:00aMeeting:Preschool Pals Storytime
Fri Apr 2010:30aMeeting:Busy Babies Storytime
Fri Apr 1311:00aMeeting:Preschool Pals Storytime
Fri Apr 1310:30aMeeting:Busy Babies Storytime
Mon Apr 091:30pLecture:Security While Using Social Media
Fri Apr 0611:00aMeeting:Preschool Pals Storytime
Fri Apr 0610:30aMeeting:Busy Babies Storytime
Mon Mar 263:00pLecture:Financial Security on the Internet
Fri Mar 2310:30aMeeting:Preschool Pals Storytime
Fri Mar 2311:30aMeeting:Busy Babies Storytime
Wed Mar 1410:30aMeeting:Preschool Pals Storytime
Fri Mar 0910:30aMeeting:Preschool Pals Storytime
Fri Mar 0911:30aMeeting:Busy Babies Storytime
Fri Mar 0210:30aMeeting:Preschool Pals Storytime
Fri Mar 0211:30aMeeting:Busy Babies Storytime
Fri Feb 2310:30aMeeting:Preschool Pals Storytime
Fri Feb 2311:30aMeeting:Busy Babies Storytime
Fri Feb 1610:30aMeeting:Preschool Pals Storytime
Fri Feb 1611:30aMeeting:Busy Babies Storytime
Fri Feb 0910:30aMeeting:Preschool Pals Storytime
Fri Feb 0911:30aMeeting:Busy Babies Storytime
Fri Feb 0210:30aMeeting:Preschool Pals Storytime
Fri Feb 0211:30aMeeting:Busy Babies Storytime
Fri Jan 2610:30aMeeting:Preschool Pals Storytime
Fri Jan 2611:30aMeeting:Busy Babies Storytime
Fri Jan 1910:30aMeeting:Preschool Pals Storytime
Fri Jan 1911:30aMeeting:Busy Babies Storytime
Fri Jan 1210:30aMeeting:Preschool Pals Storytime
Fri Jan 1211:30aMeeting:Busy Babies Storytime
Fri Jan 0510:30aMeeting:Preschool Pals Storytime
Fri Jan 0511:30aMeeting:Busy Babies Storytime
Fri Dec 1511:30aMeeting:Busy Babies Storytime
Fri Dec 1510:30aMeeting:Preschool Pals Storytime
Fri Dec 0811:30aMeeting:Busy Babies Storytime
Fri Dec 0810:30aMeeting:Preschool Pals Storytime
Fri Dec 0111:30aMeeting:Busy Babies Storytime
Fri Dec 0110:30aMeeting:Preschool Pals Storytime
Fri Nov 2411:30aMeeting:Busy Babies Storytime
Fri Nov 2410:30aMeeting:Preschool Pals Storytime
Fri Nov 1711:30aMeeting:Busy Babies Storytime
Fri Nov 1710:30aMeeting:Preschool Pals Storytime
Fri Nov 1011:30aMeeting:Busy Babies Storytime
Fri Nov 1010:30aMeeting:Preschool Pals Storytime
Fri Nov 0311:30aMeeting:Busy Babies Storytime
Fri Nov 0310:30aMeeting:Preschool Pals Storytime
Fri Oct 2711:30aMeeting:Busy Babies Storytime
Fri Oct 2710:30aMeeting:Preschool Pals Storytime
Fri Oct 2011:30aMeeting:Busy Babies Storytime
Fri Oct 2010:30aMeeting:Preschool Pals Storytime
Fri Oct 1311:30aMeeting:Busy Babies Storytime
Fri Oct 1310:30aMeeting:Preschool Pals Storytime
Fri Oct 0611:30aMeeting:Busy Babies Storytime
Fri Oct 0610:30aMeeting:Preschool Pals Storytime
Fri Sep 2911:30aMeeting:Busy Babies Storytime
Fri Sep 2910:30aMeeting:Preschool Pals Storytime
Fri Sep 2211:30aMeeting:Busy Babies Storytime
Fri Sep 2210:30aMeeting:Preschool Pals Storytime
Fri Sep 1511:30aMeeting:Busy Babies Storytime
Fri Sep 0811:30aMeeting:Busy Babies Storytime
Tue Aug 152:30pMeeting:Make a LED Card
Tue Jul 252:30pMeeting:Kids Tech - Ozobots
Fri Mar 3110:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri Mar 3111:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Fri Mar 2410:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri Mar 2411:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Fri Mar 1010:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri Mar 1011:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Fri Mar 0310:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri Mar 0311:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Fri Feb 2410:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri Feb 2411:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Fri Feb 1710:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri Feb 1711:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Fri Feb 1010:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri Feb 1011:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Fri Feb 0311:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Fri Jan 2711:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Fri Jan 2011:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Wed Aug 103:30pMeeting:Mad Science - Glow Show
Wed Aug 0310:30aLiterary:Storytime with a Farmer
Wed Jul 133:30pLiterary:Little Ray's Reptiles
Wed Jul 1310:00aLiterary:Book Give-Away Day
Fri Jun 1711:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Fri Jun 1710:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri Jun 1011:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Fri Jun 1010:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri Jun 0311:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Fri Jun 0310:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri May 2711:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Fri May 2710:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri May 2011:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Fri May 2010:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri May 1311:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Fri May 1310:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri May 0611:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Fri May 0610:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri Apr 2910:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri Apr 2911:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Fri Apr 2210:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri Apr 2211:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Fri Apr 1510:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri Apr 1511:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Fri Apr 0810:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri Apr 0811:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Fri Apr 0110:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri Apr 0111:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Fri Mar 1810:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri Mar 1811:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Fri Mar 1110:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri Mar 1111:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Sat Mar 052:00pLiterary:The Vortex
Fri Mar 0410:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri Feb 2611:30aMeeting:BusyBabies
Fri Feb 1911:30aMeeting:BusyBabies
Fri Feb 1211:30aMeeting:BusyBabies
Sat Feb 062:00pLiterary:The Vortex
Fri Feb 0511:30aMeeting:BusyBabies
Fri Jan 2910:30aMeeting:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri Jan 2911:30aMeeting:BusyBabies
Fri Jan 2211:30aMeeting:BusyBabies
Fri Jan 2210:30aMeeting:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri Jan 1511:30aMeeting:BusyBabies
Fri Jan 1510:30aMeeting:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri Jan 0810:30aMeeting:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri Jan 0811:30aMeeting:BusyBabies
Sat Jan 022:00pLiterary:The Vortex
Fri Dec 1810:30aMusic:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri Dec 1811:30aMusic:BusyBabies
Fri Nov 0610:30aLiterary:Bookworms Preschool Storytime
Fri Nov 0611:30aLiterary:BusyBabies
Tue Aug 253:30pOther:CAP End of Summer Celebration
Thu Aug 201:00pCommunity:Little Ray's Reptile Zoo
Sat Jul 1111:00aLiterary:Book Signing
Sat Jun 062:00pMeeting:The Vortex
Sat May 022:00pMeeting:The Vortex
Thu Aug 281:00pOther: Digital Photo Scavenger Hunt
Sat Aug 239:00aWorkshop:One on One Computer Tutorials
Thu Aug 211:00pWorkshop:LEGO Stop Motion Flick
Thu Aug 219:30aWorkshop:Business Basics Assistance
Sat Aug 169:00aWorkshop:One on One Computer Tutorials
Thu Aug 141:00pWorkshop:LEGO WeDo
Thu Aug 149:30aWorkshop:Business Basics Assistance
Wed Aug 131:30pWorkshop:Test Drive a Tablet
Sat Aug 091:00pMusic:Family Concert: Jamie Junger
Sat Aug 099:00aWorkshop:One on One Computer Tutorials
Thu Aug 079:30aWorkshop:Business Basics Assistance
Thu Aug 071:00pWorkshop:Geocaching for Kids
Sat Aug 029:00aWorkshop:One on One Computer Tutorials
Thu Jul 319:30aWorkshop:Business Basics Assistance
Thu Jul 311:00pWorkshop: Bring Books to Life
Sat Jul 269:00aWorkshop:One on One Computer Tutorials
Thu Jul 241:00pWorkshop:Makerlab
Wed Jul 233:30pWorkshop:Mad Science!
Sat Jun 2111:00aLiterary:Book Signing
Fri Nov 016:30pOther:Carnival of Fun
Thu Aug 295:00pWorkshop:Website Startup for Small Business
Thu Aug 225:00pWorkshop:Website Startup for Small Business
Wed Jul 319:30aWorkshop:One on One Computer Tutorials
Fri Jul 261:00pWorkshop:One on One Computer Tutorials
Thu Jul 2511:30aWorkshop:One on One Computer Tutorials
Wed Jul 249:30aWorkshop:One on One Computer Tutorials
Mon Jul 223:30pWorkshop:3D Printer Demonstration
Mon Jul 226:30pWorkshop:3D Printer Demonstration
Fri Jul 191:00pWorkshop:One on One Computer Tutorials
Thu Jul 185:00pWorkshop:Small Business Website
Thu Jul 1810:30aWorkshop:One on One Computer Tutorials
Wed Jul 179:30aWorkshop:One on One Computer Tutorials
Fri Jul 121:00pWorkshop:One on One Computer Tutorials
Thu Jul 115:00pWorkshop:Small Business Website
Thu Jul 1110:30aWorkshop:One on One Computer Tutorials
Wed Jul 1010:00aWorkshop:One on One Computer Tutorials
Fri Jul 051:00pWorkshop:One on One Computer Tutorials
Sat May 2511:00aLiterary:Book Launch
Sat Feb 0211:45aWorkshop:Computer Tutorials
Thu Jan 319:00aWorkshop:Computer Tutorials
Sat Jan 2611:45aWorkshop:One On One Computer Tutorials
Thu Jan 249:00aWorkshop:One On One Computer Tutorials
Sat Jan 1911:45aWorkshop:One On One Computer Tutorials
Sat Jan 1211:45aWorkshop:One On One Computer Tutorials
Sat Nov 172:00pWorkshop:Download eBooks & Audiobooks
Thu Aug 3010:30aWorkshop:Storybird
Thu Aug 306:30pWorkshop:Facebook for Business
Thu Aug 2310:30aWorkshop:Comic Strips for Kids
Thu Aug 236:30pWorkshop:Pinterest
Thu Aug 1610:30aWorkshop:Record Your Favourite Story
Thu Aug 166:30pWorkshop:Facebook for Business
Thu Aug 0910:30aWorkshop:PhotoStory 3 for Kids
Thu Aug 096:30pWorkshop:Ebooks & Audiobooks
Thu Aug 0210:30aWorkshop:Storybird
Thu Aug 026:30pWorkshop:Blogging for Business
Thu Jul 2610:30aWorkshop:PhotoStory 3 for Kids
Thu Jul 266:30pWorkshop:Ebooks & Audiobooks
Thu Jul 1910:30aWorkshop:Storybird
Thu Jul 196:30pWorkshop:Facebook for Adults
Wed Jul 1810:00aOther:C@P Day
Thu Jul 1210:30aWorkshop:Comic Strips for Kids
Thu Jul 126:30pWorkshop:Tweet with Twitter
Fri Sep 307:00pLecture:From the Bottle to the Belly & Beyond
Fri Sep 232:00pLiterary:Open House
Fri Sep 167:00pLiterary:Ami McKay
Mon Sep 1210:30aWorkshop:Knitting Circle
Fri Sep 097:00pLiterary:The Story of Comics
Fri Oct 222:00pOther:No School 'Bored' Game Day
Fri Feb 267:00pMusic:Family Literacy Day Ceilidh
Fri Jan 297:00pMusic:Family Literacy Day Ceilidh
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