Past Events
Sat Apr 179:00aMusic:Farmers' Market
Sat Apr 109:00aMusic:Farmers' Market
Sat Apr 039:00aMusic:Farmers' Market
Sat Feb 279:00aCommunity:Farmers' Market
Sat Feb 209:00aCommunity:Farmers' Market
Sat Feb 139:00aCommunity:Farmers' Market
Sat Feb 069:00aCommunity:Farmers' Market
Sat Jan 309:00aCommunity:Farmers' Market
Sat Jan 239:00aCommunity:Farmers' Market
Sat Jan 169:00aCommunity:Farmers' Market
Sat Jan 099:00aCommunity:Farmers' Market
Sat Dec 199:30aCommunity:Farmers' Market
Sat Dec 129:30aCommunity:Farmers' Market
Sat Dec 059:30aCommunity:Farmers' Market
Sat Nov 289:30aCommunity:Farmers' Market
Sat Nov 219:00aCommunity:Farmers' Market
Sat Nov 149:00aCommunity:Farmers' Market
Sat Nov 079:00aCommunity:Farmers' Market
Sat Oct 109:00aCommunity:Safe Summertime Outdoor Market
Sat Oct 039:00aCommunity:Safe Summertime Outdoor Market
Sat Sep 269:00aCommunity:Safe Summertime Outdoor Market
Sat Sep 199:00aCommunity:Safe Summertime Outdoor Market
Sat Sep 129:00aCommunity:Safe Summertime Outdoor Market
Sat Sep 059:00aCommunity:Safe Summertime Outdoor Market
Sat Aug 299:00aCommunity:Safe Summertime Outdoor Market
Sat Aug 229:00aCommunity:Safe Summertime Outdoor Market
Sat Aug 159:00aCommunity:Safe Summertime Outdoor Market
Sat Aug 089:00aCommunity:Safe Summertime Outdoor Market
Sat Aug 019:00aCommunity:Safe Summertime Outdoor Market
Sat Jul 259:00aCommunity:Safe Summertime Outdoor Market
Sat Jul 189:00aOther:Safe Summertime Outdoor Market
Sat Jul 119:00aCulinary:Safe Summertime Outdoor Market
Sat Jul 049:00aMusic:Safe Summertime Outdoor Market Reopening
Sat Apr 188:30aCulinary:Celebrate the Seed!
Sat Mar 218:30aCulinary:Maplicious
Thu Mar 199:00aWorkshop:Sauerkraut Workshop
Sun Mar 152:00pWorkshop:Sauerkraut Workshop
Sat Mar 149:30aMusic:Graham Howes
Wed Mar 114:30pMusic:Rod and Ron
Tue Mar 107:00pMusic:Daniel McFadyen: Goin' Back EP Release
Sat Mar 078:30aCulinary:Sprout it up: A Winter Microgreen Emergence
Sat Mar 079:30aMusic:Live George Symonds
Wed Mar 044:30pMusic:Cristian Quirivan
Tue Mar 037:00pMeeting:Wolfville and Area Newcomers Club
Sat Feb 297:30pMusic:Neil Squared - A Tribute to Neil Young & Neil Diamond
Sat Feb 158:30aCulinary:Soup's On!
Tue Feb 047:00pMeeting:Wolfville and Area Newcomers Club
Sun Feb 022:00pMeeting:Deep Roots Music Cooperative AGM
Sat Feb 018:00pMusic:Dance & Silent Auction
Wed Jan 294:30pMusic:Music by the Hilites
Sat Jan 258:30aCulinary:Zero Waste Day
Sat Jan 259:30aMusic:Live George Symonds
Sat Jan 189:30aMusic:Tripod
Tue Jan 077:00pMeeting:Wolfville and Area Newcomers Club
Sat Dec 288:30aCulinary:Farmers Market
Sat Dec 218:30aCulinary:Yule Farmers Market
Wed Dec 184:00pCulinary:Winter Solstice and Holiday Pop Up
Sat Dec 148:30aCulinary:Yule Farmers Market
Wed Dec 114:00pCulinary:Holiday Craft POP Ups
Sat Dec 078:30aCulinary:Yule Farmers Market
Fri Dec 064:00pLecture:National Day of Remembrance & Action on Violence against Women
Fri Dec 066:00pMusic: Student Recital
Wed Dec 044:00pCulinary:Holiday Craft POP Ups
Sat Nov 308:30aCulinary:Get Unscrooged
Wed Nov 274:00pCulinary:Community Supper & Market
Sat Nov 238:30aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Nov 204:00pCulinary:Health and Wellness Fair
Sat Nov 168:30aCulinary:Farmers Market
Thu Nov 141:00pLecture:It's Your Money
Wed Nov 134:00pCommunity:Smart Meter Opt Out Info Booth
Wed Nov 134:00pCulinary:Community Supper & Market
Sat Nov 098:30aCulinary:Farmers Market
Thu Nov 071:00pWorkshop:The Art & Science of Optimal Aging
Wed Nov 064:00pCulinary:Community Supper & Market
Sat Nov 028:30aCulinary:Farmers Market
Thu Oct 319:00pMusic:Chimney Swifts Halloween Dance
Wed Oct 304:00pCulinary:Diwali
Sat Oct 268:30aCulinary:Devour
Wed Oct 234:00pCulinary:Breakfast For Dinner Night
Sat Oct 198:30aCulinary:Pumpkin Palooza
Wed Oct 164:00pCulinary:Community Supper & Market
Sat Oct 128:30aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Oct 094:00pCulinary:Community Supper & Market
Sun Oct 067:00pMusic:McInnis & McFadyen in Concert
Sat Oct 058:30aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Oct 024:00pCulinary:Community Supper & Market
Tue Oct 017:00pMeeting:Wolfville and Area Newcomers Club
Sat Sep 288:30aCulinary:Deep Roots
Sat Sep 289:30aMusic:Deep Roots - Deep Roots at the Market
Sat Sep 284:00pMusic:Deep Roots - Washboard Workshop
Sat Sep 2810:30pMusic:Deep Roots - Late Night Party
Fri Sep 2710:30pMusic:Deep Roots - Late Night Party
Wed Sep 254:00pCulinary:Sustainability Fair
Sat Sep 218:30aCulinary:Farmers Market
Sat Sep 2110:30aRecreation:ElderDog Canada Kings Pawd Wolfville Walk
Fri Sep 203:30pMusic:Our Fragile Earth - Musical Gathering and Experiences
Wed Sep 184:00pCulinary:Multicultural Night
Sat Sep 148:30aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Sep 114:00pCulinary:Community Supper & Market
Mon Sep 095:30pMeeting:Valley Gardeners Club
Sat Sep 078:30aCulinary:Acadia Students Welcome Market
Thu Sep 0512:00pMeeting:Acadia Lifelong Learning Program Launch & AGM
Wed Sep 044:00pCulinary:Acadia Welcome Night
Tue Sep 037:00pMeeting:Wolfville & Area Newcomers Club
Sat Aug 318:30aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Aug 284:00pCulinary:Community Supper & Market
Sat Aug 248:30aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Aug 214:00pCulinary:Blueberry Night
Sat Aug 178:30aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Aug 144:00pCulinary:Book Arts
Sat Aug 108:30aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Aug 074:00pCulinary:Nature Night at the Market
Sat Aug 038:30aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Jul 314:00pCulinary:Community Supper & Market
Sat Jul 278:30aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Jul 244:30pMusic:Chad McCoy
Wed Jul 244:00pCulinary:Community Supper & Market
Sat Jul 208:30aCulinary:Bloom! A Sensational Experience
Wed Jul 174:00pCulinary:Community Supper & Market
Sat Jul 138:30aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Jul 104:00pCulinary:Pride Night
Sat Jul 068:30aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Jul 034:00pCulinary:Community Supper & Market
Sat Jun 298:30aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Jun 264:00pCulinary:Summer Plans at the Market
Sat Jun 228:30aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Jun 194:00pCulinary:Strawberry Supper!
Sat Jun 158:30aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Jun 124:00pCulinary:Community Supper & Market
Sat Jun 088:30aCulinary:Fizz
Wed Jun 054:00pCulinary:Rhubarb Night
Sat Jun 018:30aCulinary:Farmers Market
Sat Jun 019:00pMusic:Blossom Bluesmobile
Fri May 311:00pCommunity:Craft Market with a Charity Beer Garden
Wed May 294:00pCulinary:Community Supper & Market
Sat May 258:30aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed May 224:00pCulinary:Apple Blossom Night
Sat May 188:30aCulinary:Farmers Market (First Outdoor Market)
Wed May 154:00pCulinary:Community Supper & Market (First Whole Building)
Sat May 118:30aCulinary:Farmers Market
Fri May 106:30pCommunity:Retirement Celebration for Zelda Abramson
Thu May 095:30pRecreation:Walk for Alzheimer’s
Wed May 084:00pCulinary:Community Supper & Market
Sat May 048:30aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed May 014:00pCulinary:Community Supper & Market
Sat Apr 278:30aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Apr 244:00pCulinary:Community Supper & Market
Sat Apr 208:30aCulinary:Farmers Market
Thu Apr 187:00pWorkshop:Culture of Efficiency Wolfville
Wed Apr 174:00pCulinary:Community Supper & Market
Sat Apr 138:30aCulinary:Celebrate the Seed!
Fri Apr 127:30pMusic:Catherine Kennedy & Sarah McInnis
Wed Apr 104:00pCulinary:Community Supper & Market
Sat Apr 068:30aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Apr 034:00pCulinary:Community Supper & Market
Tue Apr 027:00pOther:Wolfville and Area Newcomers Club
Sat Mar 308:30aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Mar 274:00pCulinary:Community Supper & Market
Sat Mar 236:30pCulinary:Breathless and Befuddled
Sat Mar 238:30aCulinary:Maplicious!
Wed Mar 204:00pCulinary:Community Supper & Market
Sat Mar 168:30aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Mar 134:00pCulinary:Community Supper & Market
Sat Mar 098:30aCulinary:Sprout it Up!
Wed Mar 064:00pCulinary:Community Supper & Market
Tue Mar 057:00pMeeting:Wolfville and Area Newcomers Club
Sat Mar 027:00pMusic:Coffee House CANCELLED
Sat Mar 028:30aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Feb 274:00pCulinary:Community Supper & Market
Sat Feb 238:30aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Feb 204:00pCulinary:Community Supper & Market
Sat Feb 168:30aCulinary:Farmers Market
Wed Feb 134:00pCulinary:Community Supper & Market
Sat Feb 098:30aCulinary:Farmers Market
Thu Feb 076:00pLecture:Climate Crisis and What We Can Do About It!
Wed Feb 064:00pCulinary:Community Supper & Market
Tue Feb 057:00pMeeting:Wolville Newcomers Club
Sat Feb 028:30aOther:FarmWorks at the Market
Sat Feb 028:00pMusic:Dance and Silent Auction with The Sundries
Sat Feb 028:30aCulinary:Zero Waste Day
Wed Jan 304:00pMusic:Community Supper & Market
Sat Jan 268:30aMusic:Farmers Market
Wed Jan 234:00pMusic:Community Supper & Market
Sat Jan 198:30aCulinary:Soups On!
Wed Jan 164:00pMusic:Community Supper & Market
Sat Jan 128:30aMusic:Farmers Market
Wed Jan 094:00pMusic:Community Supper & Market
Tue Jan 087:00pMeeting:Wolfville and Area Newcomers Club
Sat Jan 058:30aMusic:Farmers Market
Sat Dec 298:30aMusic:Farmers' Market
Sat Dec 228:30aMusic:Farmers' Market
Sat Dec 228:30aCulinary:Yule Market
Wed Dec 194:00pCulinary:NEW Holiday Pop-Up Craft Markets
Sat Dec 158:30aMusic:Farmers' Market
Wed Dec 124:00pCulinary:NEW Holiday Pop-Up Craft Markets
Sat Dec 088:30aMusic:Farmers' Market
Wed Dec 054:00pCulinary:NEW Holiday Pop-Up Craft Markets
Sat Dec 018:30aMusic:Farmers' Market
Sat Dec 018:30aCulinary:Get Unscrooged
Wed Nov 284:00pCulinary:Health and Wellness Fair
Sat Nov 248:30aMusic:Farmers' Market
Wed Nov 214:00pCulinary:Holiday Season Kickoff
Sat Nov 178:30aMusic:Zeroing Waste Day at the Market
Thu Nov 156:00pLecture:Public Fraud Awareness
Wed Nov 144:00pCulinary:Market Supper
Sat Nov 108:30aMusic:Farmers' Market
Wed Nov 074:00pCulinary:Diwali at the Market
Tue Nov 067:00pMeeting:Wolfville and Area Newcomers Club
Sat Nov 038:30aMusic:Farmers' Market
Wed Oct 314:00pCulinary:Market Supper
Sat Oct 278:30aCulinary:Devour! The Grills at the Market
Wed Oct 244:00pCulinary:Breakfast for Dinner at the Market
Sat Oct 209:30aMusic:Mike Aube
Sat Oct 208:30aMusic:Farmers' Market
Wed Oct 174:00pCulinary:Market Supper
Sat Oct 138:30aMusic:Farmers' Market
Sat Oct 138:30aOther:Pumpkin Palooza
Wed Oct 104:00pCulinary:Oktoberfest at the Market!
Sat Oct 069:30aMusic:Marshall Lake
Sat Oct 068:30aMusic:Farmers' Market
Wed Oct 034:00pCulinary:Market Supper
Tue Oct 027:00pCommunity:Wolfville and Area Newcomers Club
Sat Sep 299:30aMusic:Jack Macdonald and Dennis Robinson
Sat Sep 2910:30pMusic:Deep Roots Music Festival: Late Night Dance Party
Sat Sep 298:30aMusic:Deep Roots at the Market
Fri Sep 2810:30pMusic:Deep Roots Music Festival: Late Night Dance Party
Wed Sep 264:30pMusic:Graham Howes
Wed Sep 264:00pCulinary:Market Supper
Wed Sep 264:00pLecture:Solar Panel Celebration & Sustainability Fair
Sat Sep 228:30aMusic:Farmers' Market
Wed Sep 194:00pCulinary:Multicultural Night at the Market
Sat Sep 159:30aMusic:Matt Steele & The Corvette Sunset
Sat Sep 158:30aMusic:Farmers' Market
Wed Sep 124:30pMusic:Jessica Jurgenliemk
Wed Sep 124:00pCulinary:Market Supper
Sat Sep 089:30aMusic:Donna & Andy
Sat Sep 088:30aMusic:Farmers' Market
Sat Sep 088:00aMusic:Acadia Welcome to the Market
Wed Sep 054:30pMusic:Chad McCoy
Wed Sep 054:00pMusic:Acadia Welcome to the Market
Sat Sep 019:30aMusic:Marshall/Lake
Sat Sep 018:30aMusic:Farmers' Market
Wed Aug 294:00pMusic:Maritime Flavours—Blueberry Night
Wed Aug 294:30pMusic:Mike Aube
Sat Aug 259:30aMusic:Sahara Jane
Sat Aug 258:30aMusic:Farmers' Market
Wed Aug 224:30pMusic:George Symonds
Sat Aug 189:30aMusic:Mary Beth Carty
Sat Aug 188:30aMusic:Farmers' Market
Wed Aug 154:30pMusic:Donna Holmes
Wed Aug 154:00pMusic:Wrap It Up—Tacos and Burritos Night
Sat Aug 118:30aMusic:Farmers' Market
Sat Aug 119:30aMusic:Rod & Ron
Wed Aug 084:30pMusic:Kim Barlow
Sat Aug 049:30aMusic:Tripod
Sat Aug 048:30aMusic:Farmers' Market
Wed Aug 014:00pCulinary:Market Supper
Wed Aug 014:30pMusic:Jack Macdonald
Sat Jul 289:30aMusic:Two in the Morning
Sat Jul 288:30aMusic:Farmers' Market
Wed Jul 254:00pCulinary:Market Supper
Wed Jul 254:30pMusic:Andy Flinn
Sat Jul 218:30aMusic:Farmers' Market
Sat Jul 219:30aMusic:Jack Macdonald & Kory Bayer
Wed Jul 184:30pMusic:Heather Kelday
Wed Jul 184:00pMusic:Pride at the Market
Sat Jul 149:30aMusic:Andy Flinn & Liz Fraser Storyteller
Sat Jul 148:30aMusic:Farmers' Market
Wed Jul 114:00pCommunity:Strawberry Supper
Wed Jul 114:30pMusic:Curtis Matheson
Sat Jul 079:30aMusic:Zakary Miller
Wed Jul 044:30pMusic: Two in the Morning
Sat Jun 309:30aMusic:Heather Kelday
Sat Jun 309:00pMusic:The Mellotones
Wed Jun 274:00pCulinary:Summer Solstice Fiesta
Wed Jun 274:30pMusic:Con Spirito Guitar Duo
Sat Jun 239:30aMusic:Chantal Peng
Sat Jun 238:30aFundraiser:Girls on Boards
Wed Jun 205:00pMusic: Con Spirito Guitar Duo
Sat Jun 169:30aMusic:Richard Garvey
Wed Jun 134:30pMusic:Chantal Peng
Sat Jun 098:30aCulinary:Fizz, A Culture Convergence
Sat Jun 099:30aMusic:Andy Flinn
Wed Jun 064:30pMusic:Zakary Miller
Wed Jun 064:00pCulinary:Rhubarb Night
Sat Jun 029:30aMusic:Graham Howes
Wed May 304:30pMusic:Chad McCoy
Sat May 268:00pMusic:Deep Roots Apple Blossom Boogie
Sat May 269:30aMusic:Jen Miller
Wed May 234:30pMusic:Heather Kelday
Wed May 234:00pCulinary:Apple Blossom Market
Sat May 199:30aMusic:Con Spirito Guitar Duo
Wed May 164:30pMusic:Rod & Ron
Sat May 129:30aMusic:Bill Jardine
Sat May 128:30aFundraiser:Lobster Raffle
Fri May 115:00pMusic:SWIGgin' the History and Classic's Banquet
Wed May 094:30pMusic:Half Live with Chubba Kanyasi
Sun May 0612:30pCommunity:Walk for Alzheimer's
Sat May 059:30aMusic:Chad McCoy
Wed May 025:00pMusic:Ross Chapman
Tue May 017:00pMeeting:Wolfville & Area Newcomers Club
Fri Apr 277:00pMusic:Benefit Concert ft. Old Man Luedecke
Wed Apr 255:00pMusic:Donna Holmes
Sat Apr 218:30aCommunity:Celebrate the Seed, a Seedy Saturday Event
Sat Apr 149:30aMusic:Curtis Matheson Duo
Wed Apr 115:00pMusic:Bill Jardine
Sat Apr 079:30aMusic:George Symonds
Sat Apr 078:00pMusic:Garrett Mason
Sat Apr 079:30aMusic:Space Paddy Bog People
Wed Apr 045:00pMusic:Chad McCoy
Tue Apr 038:00pMeeting:Wolfville and Area Newcomers Club
Sun Apr 017:00pMusic:Catherine Kennedy EP Release
Sat Mar 319:30aMusic:Donna Holmes
Sat Mar 318:30aCulinary:Maplicious
Wed Mar 285:00pMusic:Chantal Peng
Sun Mar 252:00pCommunity:Wolfville's 125th Anniversary Celebration
Sat Mar 249:30aMusic:Catherine Kennedy
Wed Mar 215:00pMusic:George Symonds
Sat Mar 179:30aMusic:Rod & Ron
Wed Mar 144:30pOther:Cancelled Winter Wednesday at the Market
Wed Mar 145:00pMusic:Curtis Matheson
Sat Mar 109:30aMusic:Mark Clarke
Sat Mar 108:30aCommunity:Sprout it Up, A Winter & Microgreen Emergence
Wed Mar 075:00pMusic:Hilites Duo
Wed Mar 074:30pCommunity:Winter Wednesday at the Market
Tue Mar 067:00pOther:Wolfville and Area Newcomers Club
Sat Feb 249:30aMusic:Music by: Bill Jardine
Wed Feb 215:00pMusic:Music by: Mark Clarke
Sat Feb 179:30aMusic:Donna & Andy
Wed Feb 145:00pMusic:Music by: Jessica Jurgenliemk
Sat Feb 109:30aMusic:George Symonds
Wed Feb 075:00pMusic:Music by: Mike Aube
Tue Feb 067:00pMeeting:Wolfville and Area Newcomers Club
Sat Feb 039:30aMusic:Zakary Miller
Sat Jan 279:30aMusic:Sam Wilson
Sun Jan 212:00pMeeting:Deep Roots Music AGM
Sat Jan 209:30aMusic:Ken Voita
Sat Jan 139:30aMusic:Tripod
Tue Jan 097:00pMeeting:Wolfville & Area Newcomers
Sat Jan 069:30aMusic:Music by George Symonds
Wed Dec 204:30pMusic:Donna Holmes
Wed Dec 134:30pMusic:Curtis Matheson Duo
Thu Dec 076:00pCulinary:Annapolis Winter Night Market
Wed Dec 064:30pMusic:Jack Macdonald
Sun Dec 032:00pCulinary:FarmWorks Holiday Market
Sat Dec 028:30aCulinary:Get UnScrooged
Sat Dec 027:30pMusic:ORO! Festive Dance
Fri Dec 019:00pMusic:Kitchen Party and Dance
Wed Nov 294:30pMusic:Acadia Students
Sat Nov 256:30pCommunity:Live Auction Fundraiser
Wed Nov 224:30pMusic:Angela Riley
Wed Nov 154:30pMusic:Ross Chapman
Wed Nov 084:30pMusic:Sam Wilson
Tue Nov 077:00pMeeting:Wolfville & Area Newcomers Club
Wed Nov 014:30pMusic:Bill Jardine
Sat Oct 289:00aCulinary:Devour! The Grills: Culinary School Takedown Edition
Fri Oct 2711:00aCulinary:Culinary Workshop w/Chef Joshna Maharaj
Fri Oct 272:00pCulinary:Culinary Workshop w/Chef Michael Smith
Thu Oct 2611:00aCulinary:Culinary Workshop w/Chef Peter McKenna
Thu Oct 262:00pCulinary:Culinary Workshop w/Chef Alex Haun
Wed Oct 254:30pMusic:Donna Holmes
Fri Oct 208:00pMusic:ORO! Dance Party
Wed Oct 184:30pMusic:Ken Shorley
Sat Oct 148:30aCommunity:Pumpkin Palooza
Sat Oct 149:30aMusic:Jack Macdonald & Kory Bayer
Wed Oct 114:30pMusic:Richard Garvey
Sat Oct 079:30aMusic:Hilites Group
Wed Oct 044:30pMusic:Fraser-Giles Guitar Duo
Tue Oct 037:30pMeeting:Newcomers Club
Sun Oct 011:30pRecreation:Bicycles & Botanicals
Sat Sep 306:00pMusic:Harvest Dinner and Dance
Sat Sep 309:30aMusic:Graham Howes
Wed Sep 274:30pMusic:Mark Clarke
Sat Sep 238:30aMusic:Deep Roots
Sat Sep 232:00pMusic:Deep Roots Square Dance Workshop
Sat Sep 2310:30pMusic:Deep Roots Festival Dance
Fri Sep 2210:30pMusic:Deep Roots Blues Bash
Wed Sep 204:30pMusic:Ken Shorley
Sat Sep 169:30aMusic:Zakary Miller
Wed Sep 134:30pMusic:Music by: Jack and Kory Bayer
Sat Sep 099:30aMusic:Cabbage Rolls
Wed Sep 064:30pMusic:Jessica Jurgenliemk
Tue Sep 057:30pMeeting:Wolfville Newcomers Club
Sat Sep 029:30aMusic:Graham Howes
Wed Aug 304:30pMusic:George Symonds
Sat Aug 269:30aMusic:Chantal Peng
Wed Aug 234:00pCommunity:Maritime Flavours: Blueberry
Wed Aug 164:30pMusic:Lindsay Ferguson
Sat Aug 129:30aMusic:Tripod
Wed Aug 094:30pMusic:Music by: Rod and Ron
Wed Aug 094:00pCommunity:Maritime Flavours: Raspberry
Sat Aug 059:30aMusic:Valley Vibrations with Andy Flinn
Wed Aug 024:30pMusic:Music by: Malia Rogers
Sat Jul 298:30aCulinary:Tastes of the Market
Sat Jul 299:30aMusic:Mike Aube
Wed Jul 264:30pMusic:Music by: Ross Chapman
Wed Jul 194:30pMusic:Music by: Graham Howes
Wed Jul 124:30pMusic:Mike Aube
Sat Jul 089:30aMusic:Jack MacDonald & Dennis Robinson
Wed Jul 055:00pMusic:George Symonds
Sat Jul 019:30aMusic:The Human Brothers
Wed Jun 285:00pMusic:Chantal Peng
Sat Jun 249:30aMusic:Malia Rogers
Sat Jun 249:30aMusic:Tripod
Wed Jun 215:00pMusic:Charlie Langmead
Wed Jun 214:00pCulinary:Community Supper
Sat Jun 179:30aMusic:Nasr & Thorpe
Wed Jun 145:00pMusic:Steve Lee
Wed Jun 144:00pOther:Summer Plans with Market Supper
Sat Jun 108:30aCulinary:FIZZ
Sat Jun 109:30aMusic:George Symonds
Wed Jun 075:00pMusic:Sarah McInnis
Sat Jun 039:00aMusic:Rod and Ron
Wed May 315:00pMusic:Malia Rogers
Sat May 279:00pMusic:Blossom Bluesmobile
Sat May 2712:00aMusic:The Hilites Group
Fri May 265:00pMusic:Family Fun Friday!
Thu May 255:00pCulinary:Blossom Brew Night
Sat May 209:30aMusic:Cuckoo Moon
Wed May 175:00pMusic:Andy Flinn
Sat May 139:30aMusic:Andy Flinn
Sat May 137:00pMusic:Country Music Benefit Concert
Sat May 138:30aCulinary:Mother's Day Raffle
Sun May 071:00pRecreation:Walk for Alzheimer's
Sat May 069:30aMusic:Malia Rogers
Tue May 027:00pMeeting:Wolfville and Area Newcomers' AGM
Sat Apr 296:00pCommunity:Valley Vines
Sat Apr 299:30aMusic:Zakary Miller
Sat Apr 228:30aCommunity:Celebrate the Seed
Sat Apr 229:30aMusic:Heather Kelday
Fri Apr 218:00pMusic:ORO! Dance Party
Sat Apr 159:30aMusic:Catherine Kennedy
Sat Apr 089:30aMusic:Tripod
Tue Apr 047:00pMeeting:Wolfville Newcomers Club
Sat Apr 019:30aMusic:Charlie Langmead
Sat Mar 259:30aMusic:Graham Howes
Sat Mar 188:30aCulinary:Maplicious at the Market
Sat Mar 189:30aMusic:Ron & Rod
Sat Mar 116:00pMusic:St. Patrick's Ceilidh Dance
Sat Mar 119:30aMusic:Jessica Jurgenliemk
Tue Mar 077:30pMeeting:Wolfville Newcomers' Meeting
Sat Mar 049:30aMusic:Hilites
Sat Feb 259:30aMusic:Chantal Peng
Sat Feb 189:30aMusic:Mark Clarke
Sat Feb 119:30aMusic:Sam Wilson
Tue Feb 077:00pMeeting:Wolfville Newcomers' Meeting
Sat Feb 049:30aMusic:Donna Rhodenizer and Andy Duinker
Sat Jan 289:30aMusic:Donna Holmes
Sun Jan 222:00pMeeting:Deep Roots Music Cooperative AGM
Sat Jan 218:30aCulinary:Soup's On!
Sat Jan 219:30aMusic:Malia Rogers
Sat Jan 149:30aMusic:Space Paddy Bog People
Sat Jan 079:30aMusic:Andy Flinn
Tue Jan 037:00pMeeting:Wolfville Newcomers' Meeting
Sat Dec 319:30aMusic:Sam Wilson
Sat Dec 318:30aCulinary:New Year's Eve Market
Fri Dec 302:45pRecreation:5K Holiday Walk/Run/Snowshoe
Sat Dec 248:30aCommunity:Christmas Eve at the Market
Sat Dec 249:30aMusic:Whistling Winds of Wolfville
Wed Dec 214:00pCommunity:Solstice Market
Wed Dec 215:00pMusic:John Tetrault
Wed Dec 214:00pLiterary:Soren Bondrup-Nielsen, "Pukaskwa"
Sun Dec 182:30pCommunity:Scott Brison's Christmas Open House
Sat Dec 179:30aMusic:Graham Howes
Fri Dec 166:00pMusic:Christmas Ceilidh
Wed Dec 144:00pCulinary:Handmade for the Holidays & Market Supper
Wed Dec 145:00pMusic:Graham Howes
Sat Dec 108:30aCulinary:Yule Market
Sat Dec 109:30aMusic:Steve Lee
Fri Dec 098:00pMusic:ORO! Festive Dance Party
Wed Dec 075:00pMusic:Andy Flinn
Tue Dec 067:30pMeeting:Wolfville & Area Newcomers' Club
Tue Dec 064:30pCommunity:Canada’s National Day of Remembrance & Action on Violence against Women
Sun Dec 043:00pCulinary:FarmWorks Holiday Market
Sat Dec 039:30aMusic:Pat & Katie
Sat Dec 038:30aCulinary:Get Un-Scrooged
Thu Dec 016:00pCulinary:Valley Vines
Wed Nov 304:00pCommunity:Acadia Night at the Market
Sat Nov 269:30aMusic:The Hilites Duo
Wed Nov 234:00pCommunity:Maritime Flavours: Chowder
Wed Nov 235:00pMusic:George Symonds
Sat Nov 199:30aMusic:John Tetrault
Wed Nov 165:00pMusic:Chantal Peng
Sat Nov 129:30aMusic:Jesse Potter
Wed Nov 094:00pOther:Diwali at the Market
Wed Nov 095:00pMusic:Amanda Kavanagh
Sat Nov 059:30aMusic:Malia Rogers
Sat Nov 058:30aCulinary:Devour! At the Market
Fri Nov 042:00pCulinary:Culinary Workshop with Chef Barbara Lynch
Thu Nov 0311:00aCulinary:Culinary Workshop with Chef John Sundstrom
Thu Nov 032:00pCulinary:Culinary Workshop with Chef Dale MacKay
Wed Nov 024:00pOther:Breakfast for Dinner
Wed Nov 025:00pMusic:Caleb Miles
Tue Nov 017:30pMeeting:Wolfville & Area Newcomers' Club
Sat Oct 299:30aMusic:George Symonds
Wed Oct 265:00pMusic:Youth Talent Showcase
Sat Oct 229:30aMusic:Donna Holmes
Wed Oct 195:00pMusic:Caleb Miles
Wed Oct 194:00pOther:Health and Wellness Fair
Wed Oct 124:00pCommunity:Maritime Flavours: Pumpkin
Wed Oct 125:00pMusic:Liam Potter
Sat Oct 089:30aMusic:The Chimney Swifts
Wed Oct 055:00pMusic:Sam Wilson
Tue Oct 047:30pMeeting:Wolfville & Area Newcomers Club
Sat Oct 018:30aCulinary:Pumpkin Palooza
Sat Oct 017:00pMusic:The Informants
Fri Sep 308:00pMusic:ORO! Orkestra Dance
Wed Sep 284:00pCulinary:Multicultural Fair at the Market
Sat Sep 242:00pMusic:Deep Roots Saturday Afternoon
Sat Sep 248:30aCommunity:Deep Roots at the Market
Wed Sep 214:00pOther:Wolfville Community @xe your doorstep
Sun Sep 188:30aRecreation:Adrian Campbell Valley Classic Cycling Tour
Sat Sep 179:30aMusic:Mark Clarke
Wed Sep 145:00pMusic:Chantal Peng
Wed Sep 144:00pCommunity:Fall Plans at the Market
Sat Sep 109:30aMusic:Jack McDonald and Kory Bayer
Sat Sep 108:30aOther:Acadia Week at the Market
Wed Sep 075:00pMusic:Caleb Miles
Wed Sep 075:00pMusic:Liam Potter
Wed Sep 074:00pOther:Acadia Week at the Market
Tue Sep 067:30pMeeting:Newcomer Club
Sat Aug 279:30aMusic:Will Gillespie
Wed Aug 245:00pMusic:Malia Rogers
Wed Aug 244:00pCulinary:Sustainability Fair
Sat Aug 208:00aFundraiser:Fundraiser
Sat Aug 209:30aMusic:Janice Jo Lee
Wed Aug 175:00pMusic:Hanna Bech and Marie Avery
Wed Aug 174:00pCommunity:Maritime Flavours: Blueberries
Sat Aug 139:30aMusic:Ariana Nasr
Wed Aug 105:00pMusic:Caleb Miles
Wed Aug 104:00pLiterary:Book Arts at the Market
Sat Aug 069:30aMusic:Rod & Ron
Wed Aug 035:00pMusic:George Symonds
Sat Jul 309:30aMusic:Lindsay Ferguson
Wed Jul 275:00pMusic:Youth Talent Showcase
Wed Jul 274:00pCommunity:Citta Slow Announcement
Sat Jul 239:30aMusic:Sahara Kamila
Sat Jul 238:30a:ArtFestival
Sat Jul 238:30aCommunity:Tastes of the Valley
Wed Jul 204:00pCulinary:Pride at the Market
Wed Jul 205:00pMusic:Ariana Nasr
Sat Jul 169:30aMusic:Orit Shimoni
Wed Jul 134:00pOther:Maritime Flavours: Strawberries
Wed Jul 135:00pMusic:Katie Blythe and Pat Madden
Sat Jul 099:30aMusic:Naoko Tsujita
Wed Jul 065:00pMusic:Caleb Miles
Sun Jul 031:30pMeeting:Energy East Discussion
Sat Jul 029:30aMusic:Mike Aubé
Sat Jun 259:30aMusic:Malia Rogers
Wed Jun 225:00pMusic:Andy Flinn
Sat Jun 189:30aMusic:Heather Kelday
Wed Jun 155:00pMusic:John Tetrault
Wed Jun 154:00pCulinary:Maritime Flavours: Rhubarb
Sat Jun 119:30aMusic:George Symonds
Thu Jun 098:00aMeeting:Valley Business Leaders' Initiative
Wed Jun 084:00pOther:Summer Plans Community Market
Wed Jun 085:00pMusic:Rod & Ron
Sat Jun 049:30aMusic:Kings of Delusion
Sat Jun 048:30aCulinary:Fizz ~ A Culture Convergence
Wed Jun 014:00pCommunity:Community Market & Supper
Wed Jun 015:00pMusic:Caleb Miles
Sat May 284:00pFundraiser:Blossom Brew Night
Sat May 289:30aMusic:The Hilites Group
Wed May 254:00pCommunity:Apple Blossom Market
Wed May 255:00pMusic:Katie Blythe and Pat Madden
Sat May 219:30aMusic:The Chimney Swifts
Wed May 184:00pCommunity:Community Market & Supper
Wed May 185:00pMusic:Malia Rogers
Sat May 149:30aMusic:Donna Holmes
Sat May 0710:00aMusic:Pennybrook
Tue May 037:30pMeeting:Wolfville & Area Newcomers' Club
Sat Apr 3010:00aMusic:Andy Flinn
Sat Apr 239:30aMusic:Mark Clarke
Sat Apr 168:30aCommunity:Celebrate the Seed (A Seedy Saturday Event)
Sat Apr 0910:00aMusic:Malia Rogers
Tue Apr 057:30pMeeting:Wolfville & Area Newcomers' Club
Sat Apr 029:30aMusic:Liam Potter
Fri Apr 018:00pMusic:ORO! Fools Dance
Sat Mar 2610:00aMusic:Space Paddy Bog People
Tue Mar 225:00pCommunity:292 Main Street Developments
Sat Mar 196:00pMusic:St. Patrick's Ceilidh Dance
Sat Mar 198:30aCommunity:Maplicious
Sat Mar 1910:00aMusic:Rod & Ron
Sun Mar 132:00pFundraiser:All That Glam Fundraiser
Sat Mar 1210:00aMusic:Chantal Peng
Sat Mar 0510:00aMusic:Shelder the Electric Clamfish
Tue Mar 017:30pMeeting:Wolfville & Area Newcomers' Club
Sat Feb 279:30aMusic:Andy Flinn
Fri Feb 268:00pMusic:ORO! Orkestra Dance Party
Sat Feb 209:30aMusic:Donna Holmes
Fri Feb 197:00pMusic:AVHC Coffee House - Rescheduled Event!
Sat Feb 139:30aMusic:George Symonds
Sat Feb 138:00pDance:Silent Auction and Valentine's Day Dance
Sat Feb 0610:00aMusic:Mary Beth de Scene
Fri Feb 057:00pMusic:Annapolis Valley Honour Choir Coffee House
Tue Feb 027:30pMeeting:Wolfville & Area Newcomers's Club
Sat Jan 3010:00aMusic:Lucas Reeves
Sat Jan 308:00pMusic:ORO! Orkestra Dance Party
Thu Jan 285:00pLecture:SOUP'er Strategy Session
Sat Jan 2310:00aMusic:Hilites Duo
Sat Jan 238:30aCulinary:Soup's On
Sat Jan 1610:00aMusic:Liam Potter
Sat Jan 0910:00aMusic:Rod and Ron
Tue Jan 057:30pMeeting:Wolfville and Area Newcomers Club
Sat Jan 028:30aCulinary:New Year Market
Sat Jan 0210:00aMusic:Liam Potter
Sat Dec 268:30aCommunity:Boxing Day Market CLOSED
Wed Dec 234:00pCommunity:Christmas Market
Wed Dec 235:00pMusic:John Tetrault
Sat Dec 1910:00aMusic:Sahara Jane and Guests
Wed Dec 164:00pCulinary:Handmade for the Holidays
Wed Dec 165:00pMusic:Donna Holmes
Sun Dec 132:30pCommunity:Scott Brison Christmas Open House
Sat Dec 1210:00aMusic:Naoko Tsujita & Stephen Gallant
Sat Dec 128:30aCulinary:Yule Market
Sat Dec 126:00pMusic:Christmas Ceilidh Dance
Fri Dec 117:30pMusic:ORO! Festive Dance Party
Wed Dec 095:00pMusic:Caleb Miles
Sun Dec 064:00pCommunity:Montreal Massacre Memorial
Sat Dec 058:30aFundraiser:Holiday Photo booth
Sat Dec 058:30aCulinary:Get Un*Scrooged
Sat Dec 0510:00aMusic:Pat Madden & Chelsey Dakai
Wed Dec 025:00pMusic:Andy Flinn
Wed Dec 024:00pCommunity:Vintage Bazaar
Tue Dec 017:30pMeeting:Wolfville & Area Newcomers Club
Sat Nov 2810:00aMusic:Sarah Pound
Wed Nov 254:00pCulinary:Acadia Night at the Market
Wed Nov 255:00pMusic:Acadia Music Society
Sat Nov 219:00pDance:Market Dance with the Conqueroots
Sat Nov 2110:00aMusic:Heather Kelday
Sat Nov 218:30aFundraiser:Wolfville Historical Society
Fri Nov 208:00pMusic:ORO! Orkestra Dance Party
Thu Nov 197:00pLecture:Pecha Kucha
Wed Nov 184:00pDance:Diwali at the Market
Wed Nov 185:00pMusic:Blue Lotus Trio
Sat Nov 1410:00aMusic:Steve Lee
Wed Nov 114:00pCulinary:Remembrance Day at the Market
Wed Nov 115:00pMusic:Pat Madden and Chelsey Dakai
Sun Nov 0811:00aCulinary:Devour! Golden Tines Award Brunch
Sat Nov 0710:00aMusic:Alex Hastie
Sat Nov 078:30aCulinary:Devour the Grills
Fri Nov 062:00pCulinary:Culinary with Ned Bell
Fri Nov 0611:00aCulinary:Culinary with Jeremy Charles & Todd Perrin
Fri Nov 064:30pCulinary:Devour! Chowder Smackdown
Thu Nov 052:00pCulinary:Culinary Workshop with Martin Juneau
Thu Nov 0511:00aCulinary:Culinary with Daniel Burns
Wed Nov 044:00pCulinary:Breakfast for Dinner
Wed Nov 045:00pMusic:Andy Flinn
Tue Nov 037:30pMeeting:Wolfville & Area Newcomers' Club
Sat Oct 3110:00aMusic:Pat and Daiva
Sat Oct 318:30aCulinary:Hallowe'en at the Market
Wed Oct 284:00pCommunity:Vintage Bazaar
Wed Oct 285:00pMusic:Tevon Tynes and Jon Smith
Sat Oct 2410:00aMusic:Shelder the Electric Clamfish
Wed Oct 214:30pCommunity:The Mingle
Wed Oct 214:00pCulinary:Health and Wellness Fair
Wed Oct 214:00pLiterary:Harvest Pride Book signing by Bruce Walker
Wed Oct 215:00pMusic:Malia Rogers
Sat Oct 1710:00aMusic:George Symonds
Thu Oct 155:30pWorkshop:Art and Ease of Good Food: Souper Natural
Wed Oct 145:00pMusic:Francois Cote, Sahara Jane, Daunt Lee
Wed Oct 144:00pCulinary:Heritage Night at the Market
Sat Oct 1010:00aMusic:Basin Street
Wed Oct 075:00pMusic:John Tetrault
Tue Oct 067:30pMeeting:Wolfville & Area Newcomers' Club
Sat Oct 0310:00aMusic:Sahara Jane and Daunt Lee
Sat Oct 038:30aCulinary:Pumpkin Palooza
Sat Oct 0310:00aMusic:Andy and Ariana
Fri Oct 027:30pLecture:NS Bike Summit Social
Wed Sep 305:00pMusic:Jack McDonald
Wed Sep 304:00pCommunity:Vintage Bazaar
Wed Sep 307:30pDance:Contra Dance
Tue Sep 297:00pMeeting:Business Community/WBDC
Sat Sep 268:30aCulinary:Deep Roots at the Market
Sat Sep 262:00pMusic:Deep Roots The Art of Belly Dancing
Sat Sep 263:30pMusic:Deep Roots Swing Dance
Thu Sep 2412:00pCommunity:Vintage Fashion Extravaganza
Wed Sep 234:00pCommunity:Growingtogether – Planning for Wolfville
Wed Sep 235:00pMusic:Caleb Miles
Sun Sep 209:00aFundraiser:Adrian Campbell Valley Classic Cycling Tour
Sun Sep 202:30pCulinary:Adrian Campbell Scholarship Fund BBQ & Silent Auction
Sat Sep 198:30aFundraiser:Christmas Card Sale
Sat Sep 1910:00aMusic:Sahara Jane and Daunt Lee
Wed Sep 165:00pMusic:George Symonds
Wed Sep 164:30pCommunity:The Mingle
Wed Sep 164:00pMeeting:Valley Womens Business Network
Sat Sep 128:30aCulinary:Valley Vineyards
Sat Sep 1210:00aMusic:The Hupman Brothers
Wed Sep 095:00pMusic:Sam Wilson
Wed Sep 094:00pCulinary:Fall Programs
Wed Sep 095:00pMusic:Liam Potter
Sat Sep 0510:00aMusic:Caleb Miles
Wed Sep 025:00pMusic:Allison Brown & Uncle Dan Henshall
Tue Sep 017:30pMeeting:Wolfville & Area Newcomers's Club
Sat Aug 2910:00aMusic:Sahara Jane
Wed Aug 264:00pCommunity:Vintage Bazaar
Wed Aug 265:00pMusic:Malia Rogers
Tue Aug 257:00pMeeting:Wolfville Business Community
Sat Aug 2210:00aMusic:Tevon Tynes and John Smith
Wed Aug 194:00pCulinary:Sustainability Fair
Wed Aug 195:00pMusic:Leah Morise
Wed Aug 194:30pCommunity:The Mingle
Sat Aug 1510:00aMusic:Andy and Ariana
Wed Aug 127:30pDance:Contra Dance
Wed Aug 125:00pMusic:Donna Holmes
Sat Aug 0810:00aMusic:Jack McDonald and Dennis Robinson
Wed Aug 055:00pMusic:Caleb Miles
Wed Aug 054:00pCulinary:Book Arts at the Market
Sat Aug 0110:00aMusic:Bob Deveau
Wed Jul 295:00pMusic:Sam Wilson
Wed Jul 294:00pCommunity:Vintage Bazaar
Sat Jul 258:30aCulinary:Tastes of the Valley
Sat Jul 2510:00aMusic:The Chimney Swifts
Wed Jul 224:00pCulinary:Pride at the Market
Wed Jul 225:00pMusic:Sahara Jane
Sat Jul 185:00pMusic:Heather Kelday
Wed Jul 155:00pMusic:Liam Potter
Wed Jul 154:30pCommunity:The Mingle
Sat Jul 1110:00aMusic:The Hupman Brothers
Fri Jul 102:00pLiterary:Raddall Symposium Publishing Panel
Fri Jul 104:30pTheatre:Raddall Symposium Puppet Play
Fri Jul 108:00pDance:Raddall Symposium Dance
Wed Jul 085:00pMusic:George Symonds
Sat Jul 0410:00aMusic:Rod & Ron
Wed Jul 015:00pMusic:Caleb Miles
Wed Jul 014:00pOther:Canada Day at the Market
Sat Jun 2710:00aMusic:Mike Aubé
Wed Jun 245:00pMusic:Shelder the Electric Clamfish
Sat Jun 2010:00aMusic:Harvey Marcotte
Thu Jun 187:00pLecture:Magna Carta 800th Anniversary
Wed Jun 174:30pCommunity:The Mingle
Wed Jun 174:00pCommunity:Community Market
Wed Jun 175:00pMusic:Donna Holmes
Sat Jun 1310:00aMusic:Bill Mac
Wed Jun 104:00pCulinary:Summer Plans
Wed Jun 105:00pMusic:Wide Open Spaces
Tue Jun 097:00pLecture:Branding is Storytelling
Sat Jun 0610:00aMusic:Belle Plaine
Sat Jun 068:30aCulinary:Tidal Bay Celebration
Sat Jun 067:00pDance:Contra Dance
Wed Jun 035:00pMusic:Sam Wilson
Wed Jun 034:00pOther:Wednesday Community Market
Sat May 3010:00aMusic:George Symonds
Thu May 287:00pOther:Food Matters Mixer
Wed May 274:00pCulinary:Apple Blossom Market
Wed May 275:00pMusic:Angela Riley
Sat May 2310:00aMusic:The Wilson Trio
Thu May 215:30pCulinary:Powered With Plant Protein
Wed May 204:00pCulinary:Wednesday Market
Wed May 204:30pMeeting:The Mingle
Wed May 205:00pMusic:Wide Open Spaces
Sat May 1610:00aMusic:Bob Deveau
Sat May 168:30aCulinary:Outdoor Market Opens
Sat May 0910:00aMusic:Wide Open Spaces
Sat May 097:00pMusic:Valley Contra Dance
Sat May 0210:00aMusic:Big Country
Sun Apr 262:00pCommunity:Citizen Science Expo
Sat Apr 2510:00aMusic:Richard Garvey
Sat Apr 188:30aCommunity:Celebrate the Seed
Fri Apr 177:00pCulinary:Wolfville Leadership Tea
Thu Apr 165:30pCulinary:Nice Buns!
Sat Apr 1110:00aMusic:Heather Kelday
Tue Apr 077:30pMeeting:Wolfville & Area Newcomers' Club
Sat Apr 0410:00aMusic:Shawna Caspi
Sat Mar 2810:00aMusic:Saltgrass
Fri Mar 278:00pMusic:ORO! Orkestra Spring Dance Party!
Sat Mar 218:30aCommunity:Maplicious at the Market
Sat Mar 2110:00aMusic:Jack McDonald and Dennis Robinson
Thu Mar 195:30pCulinary:Fresh Kitchen Farming
Sat Mar 146:00pMusic:St. Patrick's Ceilidh Dance
Sat Mar 1410:00aMusic:William MacDonald
Wed Mar 118:00pMeeting:PechaKucha SHIFT Rural
Tue Mar 107:00pLecture:The Startup Life
Sat Mar 0710:00aMusic:Shelder the Electric Clamfish
Fri Mar 068:00pMusic:ORO! Orkestra Dance Party!
Tue Mar 037:30pMeeting:Wolfville & Area Newcomers's Club
Sat Feb 287:00pMusic:In Vino Veritas
Sat Feb 2810:00aMusic:Angela Riley
Sat Feb 2110:00aMusic:Chantal Peng
Sat Feb 218:30aOther:Lunar New Year Celebration
Sat Feb 148:30aCommunity:Love Fest at the Market
Sat Feb 1410:00aMusic:George Symonds
Sat Feb 148:30aCommunity:Amnesty International Direct Action
Tue Feb 107:00pLecture:Business Meet Internet: How To Take Your Business Online
Sat Feb 0710:00aMusic:Sleepytime Shufflers
Tue Feb 037:00pMeeting:Wolfville & Area Newcomers's Club
Sun Feb 018:30aCommunity:Wolfville Farmers' Market
Sat Jan 318:00pMusic:ORO! Orkestra Dance Party
Sat Jan 318:30aCommunity:Wolfville Farmers' Market POSTPONED
Sat Jan 3110:00aMusic:Donna Holmes
Sat Jan 2410:00aMusic:Kamila Nasr and John Tetrault
Sat Jan 248:30aCulinary:Soup's On
Sat Jan 1710:00aMusic:Wide Open Spaces
Tue Jan 137:00pMeeting:ACEnet & Speed
Sat Jan 1010:00aMusic:Ron Edmunds
Tue Jan 067:30pMeeting:Wolfville & Area Newcomers' Club
Sat Jan 0310:00aMusic:Charlie Langmead
Sat Dec 2710:00aMusic:Bob Deveau
Sat Dec 278:30aCulinary:New Year Market
Sat Dec 208:30aCulinary:Last Market Before Christrmas
Sat Dec 2010:00aMusic:John Tetrault
Wed Dec 175:00pMusic:Donna Holmes
Wed Dec 174:00pMeeting:Mid-Week Market Mingle
Wed Dec 174:00pCulinary:Handmade for the Holidays
Sat Dec 138:30aCulinary:Yule Market
Sat Dec 1310:00aMusic:Whistling Winds of Wolfville
Wed Dec 105:00pMusic:George Symonds
Wed Dec 104:00pOther:Write for Rights, International Human Rights Day
Tue Dec 097:00pWorkshop: Hour of Code
Sat Dec 0610:00aMusic:Campbell + Green
Sat Dec 068:30aCulinary:Get Un*Scrooged
Sat Dec 068:30aOther:Wolfville Historical Society Christmas Cards
Sat Dec 064:00pLecture:National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence
Wed Dec 035:00pMusic:Jack McDonald
Tue Dec 027:30pMeeting:Wolfville & Area Newcomers' Club
Sun Nov 304:00pOther:Candle Light Spiral Ceremony
Sat Nov 2910:00aMusic:Misty Mountain
Fri Nov 288:00pDance:ORO! Orkestra Festive Dance Party
Wed Nov 264:00pCulinary:Community Market
Wed Nov 265:00pMusic:Wide Open Spaces
Tue Nov 256:00pCulinary:Sushi Rolling Party "Roll Your Own"
Sat Nov 229:00aCulinary:Locavore Tasting Tour
Sat Nov 2210:00aMusic:Jack McDonald and Dennis Robinson
Wed Nov 195:00pMusic:Liam Potter
Wed Nov 194:00pMeeting:Mid-Week Market Mingle
Sat Nov 158:30aCulinary:Devour! The Grills
Sat Nov 1510:00aMusic:Heather Kelday
Wed Nov 124:00pLecture:No Reservations! At the Market
Wed Nov 125:00pMusic:John Tetrault
Tue Nov 117:00pLecture:Evil by Design
Sat Nov 0810:00aMusic:Charlie Langmead
Thu Nov 066:00pCulinary:Guilt Free Goodies
Wed Nov 054:00pCulinary:Acadia Night at the Market
Tue Nov 047:30pMeeting:Wolfville & Area Newcomers' Club
Sat Nov 019:00aCulinary:Locavore Tasting Tour
Sat Nov 0110:00aMusic:Samantha Wilson
Wed Oct 294:00pCulinary:Community Market Supper
Wed Oct 295:00pMusic:Angela Riley
Tue Oct 286:00pWorkshop:Transform Brain Fog with Brain Food
Sat Oct 2510:00aMusic:Road Trip Boogie
Sat Oct 257:30pDance:ORO! Orkestra & WineHardt Dance Party
Wed Oct 224:00pCulinary:Diwali at the Market
Wed Oct 225:00pMusic:George Symonds
Sat Oct 1810:00aMusic:E.B. Anderson
Sat Oct 189:00aCulinary:Locavore Tasting Tour
Wed Oct 155:00pMusic:Liam Potter
Sat Oct 1110:00aMusic:Bob Deveau
Wed Oct 084:00pCulinary:Alternative Health Fair
Wed Oct 085:00pMusic:Donna Holmes
Tue Oct 077:30pMeeting:Wolfville & Area Newcomers' Club
Sat Oct 044:00pCulinary:International Pot Luck Dinner
Sat Oct 0410:00aMusic:Big Country Brothers
Sat Oct 048:30aCulinary:Pumpkin Palooza
Sat Oct 049:00aCulinary:Locavore Tasting Tour
Thu Oct 026:00pWorkshop:Gluten Free and Tasty
Thu Oct 029:00aWorkshop:Graphic Fundamentals
Wed Oct 015:00pMusic:Jack McDonald
Sat Sep 272:30pWorkshop:Deep Roots Dance Workshop
Sat Sep 274:00pDance:Deep Roots Learn to Swing Dance
Sat Sep 2710:00aMusic:Deep Roots Music Festival
Wed Sep 244:00pCulinary:Community Market and Supper
Wed Sep 245:00pMusic:Donna Holmes
Tue Sep 236:00pWorkshop:Get Your Morning Glowing
Sat Sep 2010:00aMusic:Richard Garvey
Wed Sep 175:00pMusic:Caleb Miles
Sun Sep 1410:00aOther:East Coast Momma Collective Fair
Sat Sep 138:30aCulinary:Valley Vineyards
Sat Sep 1310:00aMusic:Caleb Miles
Sat Sep 134:00pTheatre:Dead Sheep Scroll's Get Sketchy!
Fri Sep 127:00pTheatre:Dead Sheep Scroll's "Get Sketchy!"
Thu Sep 116:00pWorkshop:Lovin Local Cooking
Wed Sep 105:00pMusic:Sahara Jane
Tue Sep 097:00pLecture:Local Projects Roundup
Sat Sep 0610:00aMusic:Malia Rogers
Sat Sep 069:00aCulinary:Locavore Tasting Tour
Wed Sep 035:00pMusic:George Symonds
Wed Sep 034:00pCulinary:Heritage Night
Tue Sep 027:00pMeeting:Wolfville & Area Newcomers' Club
Sun Aug 319:00aCulinary:Sunday Morning Smoothie Bar
Sat Aug 3010:00aMusic:Heather Kelday
Wed Aug 275:00pMusic:Malia Rogers
Sat Aug 238:30aCulinary:The Summer Sizzler
Sat Aug 2310:00aMusic:Hupman Brothers Band
Wed Aug 205:00pMusic:Sahara Jane
Wed Aug 204:00pCulinary:Super Sausage Supper
Sat Aug 1610:00aMusic:Andy and Ariana
Wed Aug 134:00pCulinary:Community Supper with "Grain to Glass" talk
Wed Aug 135:00pMusic:Chantal Peng
Sat Aug 098:30aCulinary:It IS Easy Being Green
Sat Aug 0910:00aMusic:Misty Mountain
Wed Aug 064:00pCulinary:Sustainability Fair
Wed Aug 065:00pMusic:George Symonds
Sat Aug 0210:00aMusic:Up Dog
Wed Jul 304:00pOther:Community Supper & Backyard Beekeeping
Wed Jul 305:00pMusic:Caleb Miles
Sat Jul 268:30aCulinary:Tastes of the Valley
Sat Jul 2610:00aMusic:Andy and Ariana
Wed Jul 234:00pCulinary:Pride at the Market
Wed Jul 235:00pMusic:Donna Holmes
Sat Jul 1910:00aMusic:Ron Edmunds
Wed Jul 164:00pCulinary:Community Market
Wed Jul 165:00pMusic:Jack McDonald
Sat Jul 1210:00aMusic:Kim Barlow and Amy Lounder
Wed Jul 094:00pCulinary:Community Market with Bingo
Wed Jul 095:00pMusic:Chantal Peng
Sat Jul 0510:00aMusic:Sahara Jane
Sat Jul 058:30aCulinary:We Are Open!!!
Wed Jul 024:00pCulinary:Word at the Market
Wed Jul 025:00pMusic:Caleb Miles
Sat Jun 2810:00aMusic:Campbell & Green
Wed Jun 255:00pMusic:Sahara Jane
Wed Jun 254:00pCulinary:Community Night Market
Sat Jun 2110:00aMusic:Winehardt
Thu Jun 197:00pMeeting:Wolfville Cittaslow Public Information Session
Wed Jun 184:00pCulinary:Community Night Market
Wed Jun 185:00pMusic:Pat Carruthers
Sat Jun 1410:00aMusic:Angela Riley
Wed Jun 114:00pCulinary:Summer Plans at the Market
Wed Jun 115:00pMusic:Ernie Laidlaw
Tue Jun 107:00pLecture:Relax! Evening at the Spa
Sat Jun 078:30aCulinary:Tidal Bay Celebration
Sat Jun 0710:00aMusic:Andy and Ariana
Wed Jun 044:00pCulinary:Community Night at the Market
Wed Jun 045:00pMusic:Donna Holmes
Sat May 3110:00aMusic:Kamila and Sahara
Thu May 296:00pWorkshop:Capoeira with Dendê do Recife
Wed May 284:00pCulinary:Apple Blossom Market Supper
Wed May 285:00pMusic:Ernie Laidlaw
Sat May 2410:00aMusic:The Hupman Brothers Band
Wed May 214:00pCulinary:Wednesday Community Market
Wed May 215:00pMusic:Angela Riley
Sat May 1710:00aMusic:Mike Aube
Sat May 178:30aCulinary:Outdoor Courtyard Opens for the Season
Sat May 1010:00aMusic:Dave Panting
Tue May 067:30pMeeting:Wolfville & Area Newcomers' Club
Sat May 0310:00aMusic:Malia Rogers
Sat Apr 2610:00aMusic:Sabot
Sat Apr 1910:00aMusic:Jona Xhepa
Sat Apr 128:30aCulinary:Celebrating the Seed
Thu Apr 106:30pOther:Apple Blossom Leadership Tea
Tue Apr 087:00pLecture:Hax0r Pwn3d? n00b Guide to Web App Security
Sat Apr 0510:00aMusic:Jen Miller
Tue Apr 017:30pMeeting:Wolfville & Area Newcomers' Club
Mon Mar 317:30pDance:Belly Dance Classes
Mon Mar 316:30pDance:Belly Dance Classes
Mon Mar 315:30pWorkshop:Flamenco Dance
Sat Mar 2910:00aMusic:Angela Riley
Thu Mar 279:00aWorkshop:Graphic Fundamentals
Wed Mar 266:00pCulinary:Serving up Thanks to our Market Volunteers
Sat Mar 228:30aCulinary:Maplicious at the Market
Sat Mar 2210:00aMusic:Donna Holmes
Sat Mar 156:00pDance:St. Patrick's Ceilidh Dance
Sat Mar 1510:00aMusic:Big Country Brothers
Tue Mar 117:00pLecture:A Day Without Pants
Sat Mar 0810:00aMusic:Kate & Rich
Tue Mar 047:30pMeeting:Wolfville & Area Newcomers' Club
Sat Mar 017:00pCulinary:In Vino Veritas
Sat Mar 0110:00aMusic:Andy Webster
Sat Feb 2210:00aMusic:Malia Rogers
Thu Feb 2012:30pLecture:Moving Organic Forward: NS Forum
Mon Feb 177:30pDance:Belly Dance Classes (Beginner)
Mon Feb 176:30pDance:Belly Dance Classes (Intermediate/Advanced)
Sat Feb 1510:00aMusic:Mike Aube
Tue Feb 117:00pMeeting:Local Projects Roundup: GIS Edition
Sat Feb 088:30aOther:Bake Sale
Sat Feb 088:30aCulinary:Love Fest at the Market
Sat Feb 0810:00aMusic:Ernie Laidlaw
Fri Feb 077:30pWorkshop:Dream Building Vision
Thu Feb 067:00pLecture:Nova Scotia Geoheritage List
Tue Feb 047:30pMeeting:Wolfville & Area Newcomers's Club
Sat Feb 0110:00aMusic:Chantal Peng
Sat Feb 018:30aCulinary:Chinese New Year Celebration
Sat Jan 258:30aCulinary:Soups On!
Sat Jan 2510:00aMusic:Bob Deveau
Sat Jan 1810:00aMusic:Mudsaw
Tue Jan 147:00pLecture:"Hello World" - An Intro to Node.js
Sat Jan 1110:00aMusic:Big Country Brothers
Tue Jan 077:30pMeeting:Wolfville & Area Newcomers' Club
Mon Jan 067:30pWorkshop:Belly Dance
Mon Jan 066:30pWorkshop:Belly Dance
Mon Jan 065:30pWorkshop:Flamenco Dance
Sat Jan 0410:00aMusic:Jack McDonald and Dennis Robinson
Tue Dec 311:30pRecreation:Resolution Run & Walk
Sat Dec 288:30aCulinary:Holiday Market
Sat Dec 2810:00aMusic:Angela Riley
Sat Dec 2110:00aMusic:Donna & Andy
Sat Dec 218:30aCulinary:Holiday Market
Wed Dec 185:00pMusic:Ernie Laidlaw
Wed Dec 184:00pCulinary:Community Market
Sat Dec 1410:00aMusic:Whistling Winds of Wolfville
Sat Dec 148:30aCulinary:Yule Market
Wed Dec 114:00pCulinary:Community Market
Wed Dec 115:00pMusic:George Symonds
Tue Dec 107:00pWorkshop:Scratching an Itch: Learning to Code Games and Robots
Sat Dec 0710:00aMusic:Campbell & Green
Sat Dec 078:30aOther:Get Un-Scrooged
Fri Dec 064:00pOther:National Day of Remembrance & Action on Violence against Women
Wed Dec 045:00pMusic:Donna Holmes
Wed Dec 044:00pCulinary:Community Market
Tue Dec 037:30pMeeting:Wolfville and Area Newcomers Club
Sat Nov 3010:00aMusic:George Symonds
Wed Nov 275:00pMusic:Mike Aube
Wed Nov 274:00pCulinary:Community Market
Sat Nov 2310:00aMusic:Bob Deveau
Wed Nov 205:00pMusic:Ernie Laidlaw
Wed Nov 204:00pCulinary:Community Market
Sat Nov 168:30aCulinary:Devour Cinematic Brunch
Sat Nov 1610:00aMusic:Misty Mountain
Wed Nov 135:00pMusic:Angela Riley
Wed Nov 134:00pCulinary:Community Market
Tue Nov 127:00pLecture:Emergent Learning & New Media
Sat Nov 0910:00aMusic:Mudsaw
Wed Nov 064:00pCulinary:Diwali Market
Wed Nov 065:00pMusic:Ken Shorley, Heidi Kalyani & Francois Cote
Tue Nov 057:30pMeeting:Wolfville & Area Newcomers's Club
Sat Nov 0210:00aMusic:Sam Wilson
Wed Oct 304:00pCulinary:Hallowe'en Market
Wed Oct 305:00pMusic:Donna Holmes
Mon Oct 287:30pDance:Beginner Belly Dance
Mon Oct 286:30pDance:Belly Dance Classes (Int/Adv)
Sat Oct 2610:00aMusic:Heather Kelday
Wed Oct 235:00pMusic:George Symonds
Wed Oct 234:00pCulinary:Community Night Market
Sat Oct 1910:00aMusic:Angela Riley
Wed Oct 164:00pCulinary:Coop Market & Film Night
Wed Oct 165:00pMusic:Ernie Laidlaw
Sat Oct 1210:00aMusic:Jack McDonald and Dennis Robinson
Wed Oct 094:00pCulinary:Community Night Market
Wed Oct 095:00pMusic:Mike Aube
Tue Oct 087:00pLecture:Local Projects Roundup: Round III
Sat Oct 0510:00aMusic:TripALady
Sat Oct 058:30aCulinary:Pumpkin Palooza
Wed Oct 024:00pCulinary:Acadia Night at the Market
Tue Oct 017:30pMeeting:Wolfville & Area Newcomers' Club
Sat Sep 2810:00aCulinary:Deep Roots at the Market
Wed Sep 255:00pMusic:Angela Riley
Wed Sep 254:00pCulinary:Community Night Market
Mon Sep 236:15aRecreation:Kettlebell Fitness
Sat Sep 2110:00aMusic:Campbell & Green
Fri Sep 207:00pMusic:The Mark Riley Band
Wed Sep 185:00pMusic:Donna Holmes
Wed Sep 184:00pCulinary:Community Night Market
Sun Sep 159:00aOther:Valley Fall Craft Fair
Sat Sep 1410:00aMusic:Heather Kelday
Sat Sep 148:30aCulinary:Valley Vineyards
Wed Sep 114:00pCulinary:Community Night Market
Wed Sep 115:00pMusic:Ernie Laidlaw
Tue Sep 107:00pLecture:Style & Form; A Dress Code for Web Developers
Mon Sep 096:30pDance: Belly Dance (Int/Adv)
Mon Sep 097:30pWorkshop:Beginner Belly Dance
Mon Sep 095:30pWorkshop:Flamenco Dance Class
Sat Sep 0711:00aTheatre:Story Mob for Green Eggs & Ham
Sat Sep 0710:00aMusic:Onion Honey
Wed Sep 045:00pMusic:Shoulder to Shoulder
Wed Sep 044:00pCulinary:Heritage Night
Tue Sep 037:30pMeeting:Wolfville and Area Newcomers' Club
Sat Aug 3110:00aMusic:Andy and Ariana
Wed Aug 285:00pMusic:JB Trio
Wed Aug 284:00pCulinary:Community Night Market
Sat Aug 2410:00aMusic:Wine Hardt: Django Uncorked
Wed Aug 215:00pMusic:Chantal Peng
Wed Aug 214:00pCulinary:Community Night Market
Sat Aug 178:30aCulinary:Sausage Sale and Feast
Sat Aug 1710:00aMusic:George Symonds
Wed Aug 144:00pCulinary:Summer Sausage Celebration
Wed Aug 145:00pMusic:Vera Martynkiw
Tue Aug 137:00pLecture:Players and Builders: Digital Games and University Learning
Sat Aug 1010:00aMusic:Hugh Sweeney and Friends
Wed Aug 074:00pCulinary:Sustainability Fair
Wed Aug 075:00pMusic:Angela Riley
Sat Aug 0310:00aMusic:Mike Aube
Wed Jul 314:00pCulinary:Community Night Market
Wed Jul 315:00pMusic:Donna Holmes
Sat Jul 2710:00aMusic:The Hupman Brothers
Sat Jul 278:30aCulinary:Tastes of the Valley
Wed Jul 245:00pMusic:Ernie Laidlaw
Wed Jul 244:00pCulinary:Pride at the Market
Sat Jul 2010:00aMusic:Jeff Greenway
Wed Jul 175:00pMusic:JB Trio
Wed Jul 174:00pMusic:TorQ Percussion Ensemble
Wed Jul 174:00pCulinary:Community Night Market
Sat Jul 1310:00aMusic:Misty Mountain
Wed Jul 104:00pCulinary:Community Night Market
Wed Jul 105:00pMusic:Sahara Jane
Mon Jul 087:00pLecture:Building Startup Communities
Sat Jul 0610:00aMusic:Micah O'Connell
Sat Jul 0610:00aMusic:Micah O'Connell & Delia Macpherson
Wed Jul 035:00pMusic:The Broussard Family
Wed Jul 034:00pCulinary:WORD at the Market
Wed Jul 036:00pLiterary:The Dirty Word
Sat Jun 2910:00aMusic:Sahara Jane
Wed Jun 265:00pMusic:Jesse Potter
Wed Jun 264:00pCulinary:Community Night Market
Sat Jun 2210:00aMusic:Hugh Sweeney and Friends
Wed Jun 195:00pMusic:Ernie Laidlaw
Wed Jun 194:00pCulinary:Community Night Market
Tue Jun 187:00pMeeting:Fracking in Wolfville
Sat Jun 1510:00aMusic:Andy and Ariana
Wed Jun 124:00pCulinary:Community Night Market
Wed Jun 125:00pMusic:George Symonds
Mon Jun 107:00pLecture:Getting a Machine to Learn
Sat Jun 0810:00aMusic:Samantha Wilson
Wed Jun 054:00pCulinary:Summer Plans Community Market
Wed Jun 055:00pMusic:JB Trio
Sat Jun 0110:00aMusic:Ron Edmunds
Wed May 294:00pCulinary:Apple Blossom Community Market
Wed May 295:00pMusic:Sam Wilson
Sat May 2510:00aMusic:Angela Riley
Wed May 225:00pMusic:Donna Holmes
Wed May 224:00pCulinary:Community Night Market
Sat May 1810:00aMusic:Heather Kelday
Mon May 137:00pLecture:New Media Legal Q&A
Sat May 1110:00aMusic:Ernie Laidlaw
Tue May 077:30pMeeting:Wolfville & Area Newcomers's Club
Mon May 067:00pLecture:She++
Sat May 0410:00aMusic:Donna Holmes
Sat Apr 2710:00aMusic:Misty Mountain
Sat Apr 2010:00aMusic:Weather Advisory
Sat Apr 133:00pMeeting:Wolfville's Future
Sat Apr 1310:00aMusic:Heather Kelday
Sat Apr 138:30aOther:Seedy Saturday
Thu Apr 117:00pOther:Fundraising Art Auction
Wed Apr 107:00pMeeting:Valley Business Women Networking
Mon Apr 087:00pLecture:The Social Media Retail Movement
Sat Apr 0610:00aMusic:Callum Isaac & Williston Irvine
Tue Apr 027:00pMeeting:Wolfville & Area Newcomers Club
Sat Mar 308:30aCulinary:Maplicious
Sat Mar 3010:00aMusic:Jack McDonald and Dennis Robinson
Sat Mar 2310:00aMusic:Ernie Laidlaw
Sat Mar 168:30aCulinary:Stew's On!
Sat Mar 1610:00aMusic:Karen Warner Band
Sat Mar 0910:00aMusic:Angela Riley
Fri Mar 087:00pMusic:School House Rock Coffee House
Tue Mar 057:00pMeeting:Wolfville and Area Newcomers' Club
Sat Mar 0210:00aMusic:Bob Deveau
Sat Feb 2310:00aMusic:Misty Mountain
Sat Feb 1610:00aMusic:Chantal Peng
Sat Feb 168:30aCulinary:Chinese New Year
Sat Feb 0910:00aMusic:Angela Riley
Wed Feb 066:30pMeeting:FarmWorks Information Session
Tue Feb 057:00pMeeting: Newcomers' Club
Sat Feb 029:45aCulinary:Melt in Your Mouth Ice Wine Event
Sat Feb 0210:00aMusic:Bob Ardern
Sat Jan 2610:00aMusic:Heather Kelday
Sat Jan 268:30aCulinary:Soups On
Sat Jan 1910:00aMusic:Ernie Laidlaw
Mon Jan 147:00pMeeting:HTML5 and Semantic Markup
Sat Jan 1210:00aMusic:Mike Aube
Tue Jan 087:00pMeeting:Wolfville Newcomers' Club
Sat Jan 0510:00aMusic:Jamie Junger
Mon Dec 311:30pRecreation:Resolution Run/Walk
Sat Dec 2910:00aMusic:Jack McDonald & Dennis Robinson
Sat Dec 2210:00aMusic:Ann Fearon
Wed Dec 195:00pMusic:Donna Holmes
Sat Dec 1512:15pMusic:Valley Voices Chorus
Sat Dec 1510:00aMusic:Johanne McInnis
Wed Dec 125:00pMusic:The Karen Warner Band
Sat Dec 0810:00aMusic:Cuckoo Moon
Wed Dec 055:00pMusic:Angela Riley
Wed Dec 054:00pVisual:Fibre Frolic at the Market
Tue Dec 047:00pMeeting:Wolfville Newcomers' Club
Sat Dec 018:30aOther:Get Un-Scrooged
Sat Dec 0110:00aMusic:The Whistling Winds of Wolfville
Wed Nov 285:00pMusic:Andy and Ariana
Sat Nov 2410:00aMusic:Tom Haddal
Wed Nov 215:00pMusic:Ernie Laidlaw
Sat Nov 176:00pOther:Gentle Dragons
Sat Nov 173:00pMeeting:How Can Youth Reinvent The Maritime Economy?
Sat Nov 178:30aOther:Celebrating 20 Years at the Market
Sat Nov 1710:00aMusic:George Symonds
Wed Nov 145:00pMusic:Ken Shorley, Heidi Kalyani & François Côté
Wed Nov 144:00pCulinary:Diwali, Festival of Lights
Sat Nov 1010:00aMusic:Angela Riley
Wed Nov 074:00pWorkshop:Roots of Healing
Wed Nov 075:00pMusic:George Symonds
Tue Nov 067:00pMeeting:Wolfville and Area Newcomers' Club
Sat Nov 0310:00aMusic:Dana Beeler, Nerissa & Warren Beeler
Sat Nov 033:30pCulinary:Acadia Farm Harvest Feast
Wed Oct 315:00pMusic:Funtime Brigade
Sat Oct 2710:00aMusic:October Crisis
Wed Oct 244:00pMusic:Acadia Night
Wed Oct 245:00pMusic:Society of Acadia Music Students
Sat Oct 2010:00aMusic:Nick Jeffrey
Thu Oct 187:00pDance:Beginner Belly Dance
Wed Oct 174:00pCulinary:Market Meal & Film Night
Sat Oct 133:45pVisual:WorldWide PhotoWalk
Sat Oct 138:30aCulinary:Pumpkin Palooza
Sat Oct 1310:00aMusic:Andy and Ariana
Wed Oct 105:00pMusic:Donna Holmes
Sat Oct 0610:00aMusic:Tim LaBorie and Robert Woodley
Wed Oct 035:00pMusic:Ernie Laidlaw
Wed Oct 034:00pOther:Mental Health for All Night
Tue Oct 027:00pMeeting:Wolfville and Area Newcomers' Club
Wed Sep 264:00pMusic:Rhythm and Beets
Sat Sep 2210:00aMusic:Bob Deveau band
Wed Sep 194:00pCulinary:Preserving the Harvest
Wed Sep 195:00pMusic:Donna Holmes
Sat Sep 158:30aCulinary:Valley Vineyards
Wed Sep 125:00pMusic:Karen Warner
Wed Sep 127:30pMeeting:VWBN Networking
Wed Sep 124:00pOther:Fall Recreation Programs Night
Sat Sep 0810:00aMusic:Amanda LeBlanc
Thu Sep 067:00pWorkshop:Belly Dance
Wed Sep 054:00pMeeting:Neighbourhood Opportunities
Wed Sep 055:00pMusic:George Symonds
Wed Sep 054:00pCulinary:Back to School Event
Wed Sep 054:00pCulinary:Student Night at the Market
Tue Sep 047:00pMeeting:Wolfville Newcomers' Club
Sat Sep 0110:00aMusic:Hugh Sweeney and Friends
Wed Aug 295:00pMusic:Sahara Jane
Wed Aug 294:00pLiterary:Word at the Market
Sat Aug 2510:00aMusic:Andy Webster
Sat Aug 1810:00aMusic:Hal Bruce
Wed Aug 155:00pMusic:George Symonds
Wed Aug 154:00pOther:Alternative Health Fair
Sat Aug 1110:00aMusic:Sahara Jane
Wed Aug 084:00pCulinary:We *Heart* Farmers' Night
Wed Aug 085:00pMusic:Ernie Laidlaw
Sat Aug 0410:00aMusic:Heather Kelday
Wed Aug 015:00pMusic:Karen Warner
Wed Aug 014:00pOther:Baby Night at the Market
Sat Jul 2810:00aMusic:Mike Aubé
Sat Jul 288:30aCulinary:Tastes of the Valley
Wed Jul 255:00pMusic:The Chimney Swifts
Wed Jul 254:00pCulinary:Mud Creek Fun & Chocolate Night
Sat Jul 2110:00aMusic:Rio Samaya Band
Wed Jul 185:00pMusic:Kamila and Sahara
Wed Jul 184:00pOther:Pride Night
Wed Jul 184:00pMusic:TorQ Percussion Performing 'In C'
Sat Jul 1410:00aMusic:TripALady
Wed Jul 115:00pMusic:Bob Ardern
Wed Jul 114:00pOther:Seniors Night
Wed Jul 045:00pMusic:Donna and Andy
Wed Jul 044:00pOther:Heart Smart
Sat Jun 3010:00aMusic:Andy and Ariana
Sat Jun 3012:00pOther:World Record Attempt Picnic
Wed Jun 274:00pCulinary:Parks n' Picnics
Wed Jun 275:00pMusic:Mike Aubé
Sat Jun 2310:00aMusic:Hal Bruce
Fri Jun 221:15pMeeting:Valley Hub
Wed Jun 204:00pWorkshop:Gardening Night
Wed Jun 205:00pMusic:Misty Mountain Misfits
Sat Jun 1610:00aMusic:Hupman Brothers
Wed Jun 135:00pMusic:Weather Advisory
Sat Jun 0910:00aMusic:Donna and Andy
Wed Jun 065:00pMusic:Ernie Laidlaw (of October Crisis)
Mon Jun 046:30pOther:Katimavik Farewell Celebration
Sat Jun 0210:00aMusic:George Symonds
Sat Jun 029:00aWorkshop:Fix-A-Flat Clinic
Wed May 305:00pMusic:Misty Mountain Misfits
Wed May 304:00pWorkshop:Fix-A-Flat Clinic
Sat May 2610:00aMusic:Mike Aube
Wed May 235:00pMusic:The Chimney Swifts
Sat May 1910:00aMusic:Jack McDonald and Dennis Robinson
Sat May 1210:00aMusic:Amanda LeBlanc
Sat May 0510:00aMusic:Naming the Twins
Tue May 017:00pOther:Wolfville and Area Newcomers Club
Sat Apr 2810:00aMusic:Heather Kelday
Fri Apr 277:00pDance:Rose Hips Belly Dance Show
Sat Apr 2110:00aMusic:The October Crisis
Thu Apr 197:00pCulinary:Food4Thought
Sun Apr 156:00pWorkshop:Herbal Detoxification
Sat Apr 1410:00aMusic:Cuckoo Moon
Sat Apr 078:30aWorkshop:Seedy Saturday
Sat Apr 0710:00aMusic:Norma MacDonald
Tue Apr 037:00pMeeting:Wolfville and Area Newcomers Club
Sat Mar 3110:00aMusic:Hugh Sweeney and Friends
Sat Mar 2410:00aMusic:Weather Advisory
Sun Mar 188:30aOther:Student Refugee Fundraiser
Sat Mar 1710:00aMusic:Tom Haddal
Sat Mar 1010:00aMusic:Andy Webster
Tue Mar 067:00pOther:Wolfville and Area Newcomers Club
Sat Mar 0310:00aMusic:Bob Deveau
Sat Feb 258:30aCulinary:Soup's On
Sat Feb 2510:00aMusic:Grassworks
Tue Feb 217:00pMeeting:Railway Corridor Redevelopment Open House
Sat Feb 1810:00aMusic:Uncle John & the Professor
Sat Feb 1110:00aMusic:Ron Edmunds
Tue Feb 077:00pLecture:Wolfville and Area Newcomers Club
Sat Feb 049:00aCulinary:Melt In Your Mouth Icewine Tasting
Sat Feb 0410:00aMusic:Alex Hickey
Sat Jan 2810:00aMusic:Donna and Andy
Sat Jan 2110:00aMusic:Chimney Swifts
Sat Jan 1410:00aMusic:Jack McDonald & Dennis Robinson
Tue Jan 107:00pMeeting:FarmWorks Information Meeting
Sat Jan 0710:00aMusic:Amanda LeBlanc
Tue Jan 037:00pOther:Wolfville and Area Newcomer's Club
Sat Dec 3110:00aMusic:George Symonds
Sat Dec 312:00pOther:New Years Eve Resolution Walk/Run
Sat Dec 2410:00aMusic:Andy and Ariana
Wed Dec 215:00pMusic:Hugh Sweeney and Friends
Sat Dec 1710:00aMusic:Hugh Sweeney and Friends
Wed Dec 145:00pMusic:Bob Ardern
Sat Dec 1010:00aMusic:Chimney Swifts
Tue Dec 067:00pOther:Wolfville and Area Newcomer's Club
Tue Dec 064:00pOther:Remembrance of the Montreal Massacre
Sat Dec 0310:00aMusic:Grassworks
Wed Nov 305:00pMusic:Jamie and Sadie Junger
Sat Nov 2610:00aMusic:Mike Aube
Wed Nov 235:00pMusic:Jamie Junger and Friends
Wed Nov 235:00pMusic:Andy and Ariana
Sat Nov 197:00pMusic:Wine Not?
Sat Nov 1910:00aMusic:Andy Webster
Sat Nov 1210:00aMusic:Micah O'Connell
Wed Nov 095:00pMusic:Karen Warner and Friends
Sat Nov 0510:00aMusic:Dusty Keleher
Wed Nov 025:00pMusic:Dewey Dunnington
Tue Nov 017:00pOther:Wolfville Newcomers Club
Sat Oct 2910:00aMusic:Hugh Sweeney & Friends
Wed Oct 265:00pMusic:Wendy Luella Perkins
Sat Oct 2210:00aMusic:Mike Aube
Sat Oct 1510:00aMusic:Jack McDonald
Wed Oct 125:00pMusic:Darren Arsenault
Sat Oct 0810:00aMusic:The Beatons
Sat Oct 088:30aCulinary:Pumpkin Palooza
Wed Oct 055:00pMusic:Allison Kane
Tue Oct 047:00pMeeting: Wolfville & Area Newcomers Club
Sat Oct 0110:00aMusic:Naming the Twins
Wed Sep 285:00pMusic:Bob Ardern
Sat Sep 2410:00aMusic:Deep Roots
Wed Sep 215:00pMusic:Bum Tickins
Sat Sep 178:30aLecture:Valley Vineyards
Sat Sep 1710:00aMusic:Andy and Ariana
Sat Sep 1010:00aMusic:Hupman Brothers
Wed Sep 075:00pMusic:Karen Warner
Tue Sep 067:00pMeeting:Wolfville and Area Newcomers Club
Sat Sep 0310:00aMusic:Harvey Marcotte and Tom Berry
Sat Aug 2710:00aMusic:Grassworks
Sat Aug 2010:00aMusic:Andy and Ariana
Sat Aug 1310:00aMusic:Jenny MacDonald Band
Sat Aug 0610:00aMusic:Bob Deveau
Sat Jul 3010:00aMusic:Drumlin
Sat Jul 238:30aCulinary:Tastes of the Valley
Sat Jul 2310:00aMusic:TripALady
Sat Jul 1610:00aMusic:Mike Aube
Sat Jul 0910:00aMusic:Heather Kelday
Wed Jul 064:00pCulinary:Market Supper
Sat Jul 0210:00aMusic:Ron Edmunds
Wed Jun 294:00pOther:Grand Opening
Sat Jun 2510:00aMusic:Scott Prudence and Friends
Sat Jun 1810:00aMusic:Hal Bruce
Sat May 2810:00aMusic:Caleb Miles
Sat May 2110:00aMusic:Mike Aube Band
Sat May 1410:00aMusic:Paul Marshall
Sat Apr 3010:00aMusic:Roxeen Roberts
Sat Apr 0910:00aMusic:Axe Radio Live
Sat Apr 0210:00aMusic:Dusty Keleher and Amy Lounder
Sat Mar 2610:00aMusic:Tom Haddal
Sat Mar 1910:00aMusic:George Symonds
Sat Mar 1210:00aMusic:Andy Webster
Sat Feb 2610:00aCulinary:Soup's On!
Sat Feb 1210:00aMusic:TripALady
Sat Jan 2910:00aMusic:Hupman Brothers
Sat Jan 2210:00aMusic:Mike Aube
Sat Jan 1510:00aMusic:Jack McDonald and Dennis
Wed Dec 224:00pMusic:Steve Lee and Friends
Sat Dec 1810:00aMusic:Rachel MacLean
Sat Dec 1110:00aMusic:Andy and Ariana and the t@b Groove Co-op
Sat Dec 0410:00aMusic:Hal Bruce
Sat Dec 048:30aOther:Get Un-Scrooged
Sat Nov 1310:00aMusic:Heather Kelday
Sat Oct 1610:00aMusic:Marshall Lake
Sat Oct 0910:00aMusic:TripALady
Sat Oct 028:30aCulinary:Pumpkin Palooza
Sat Oct 0210:00aMusic:Hupman Brothers
Sat Sep 188:30aCulinary:Valley Vineyards
Sat Sep 1110:00aMusic:Music by...
Mon Sep 068:30aOther:Special Labour Day Market
Sat Aug 1410:00aMusic:Andy Webster
Sat Aug 0710:00aMusic:George Symonds
Sat Jul 3110:00aMusic:Marshall Lake
Sat Jul 2410:00aMusic:TripALady
Sat Jul 1710:00aMusic:Caleb Miles
Sat Jul 1710:00aCulinary:Knife Skills Demo
Mon Jul 127:00pMeeting:Update on Permanent Home Project
Sat Jul 109:00pOther:Fennel Sampling
Sat Jul 1010:00aMusic:Tom Haddal
Thu Jul 088:30aCulinary:Tastes of the Valley
Sat Jul 0310:00aMusic:Blueprint
Sat Jun 2610:00aMusic:Hal Bruce
Sat Jun 0510:00aMusic:Jack McDonald
Sat May 2910:00aMusic:Marianne Girard
Sat May 2910:00aCulinary:Chef Michael Howell Cooking Demo
Sat May 2210:00aMusic:Hupman Brothers
Sat May 1510:00aMusic:Ashley Condon
Sat May 0110:00aMusic:Hughie McDonell
Sat Apr 2410:00aMusic:Chris Morris
Sat Apr 249:00pCulinary:Tasting Series: Meat, Fish and Soy
Sat Apr 1710:30aMusic:Marshall Lake
Sat Apr 108:30aOther:Seedy Saturday
Sat Apr 1010:00aMusic:Cuckoo Moon
Sat Apr 0310:00aMusic:Sugarloaf Mountain
Sat Mar 2710:00aMusic:Witchitaw
Sat Mar 208:30aOther:Meal Exchage @ Acadia Food Drive
Sat Mar 2010:00aMusic:Jenny MacDonald
Sat Mar 1310:00aMusic:George Symonds
Sat Mar 0610:00aMusic:Zenigma
Sat Feb 2710:00aMusic:Darren Arsenault
Sat Feb 1310:00aMusic:Heather Kelday
Sat Feb 0610:00aMusic:Nick Jeffrey
Sat Feb 069:30aCulinary:Ice Wine & Chocolate Tasting
Sat Jan 309:00aCulinary:Market Fresh for Families
Sat Dec 198:30aMusic:Rachel MacLean
Sat Nov 218:30aCulinary:Rhythm and Beets
Sat Nov 148:30pOther:Happy 17th Birthday
Sat Nov 078:30aCulinary:Slow Motion Market Race
Sat Oct 2410:00aMusic:Hupman Brothers
Sat Oct 1710:00aMusic:TripALady
Sat Oct 1010:00aMusic:Mike Aube
Sat Oct 038:30aOther:Pumpkin Palooza
Sat Oct 0310:00aMusic:Cuckoo Moon
Sat Sep 1910:00aMusic:Hal Bruce
Sat Sep 128:30aCulinary:Valley Vineyards at the Market
Sat Sep 1210:00aMusic:Andy Webster
Sat Sep 058:30aOther:Acadia Lifelong Learning
Sat Sep 0510:00aMusic:t@b
Sat Aug 228:30aCulinary:Preserving the Harvest: Freezing Demo
Sat Aug 2210:00aMusic:John Tetrault
Sat Aug 159:00aCulinary:Carrot Tasting
Sat Aug 1510:00aMusic:Marshall Lake
Sat Aug 0810:00aMusic:Market Music Mix-Up
Sat Aug 0110:00aMusic:Jack MacDonald
Sat Jul 258:30aCulinary:Tastes of the Valley
Sat Jul 2510:00aMusic:TripALady
Sat Jul 188:30aOther:Preserving the Harvest: Herb Drying Demo
Sat Jul 1810:00aMusic:Tom Haddal
Sat Jul 117:30aMusic:Hal Bruce
Sat Jul 0410:00aMusic:Hope Gillis
Sat Jun 279:00aCulinary:Strawberry Tasting
Sat Jun 2710:00aMusic:Ron Edmunds
Sat Jun 2010:00aCulinary:Fresh & Fun Cooking Demo
Sat Jun 2010:00aMusic:George Symonds
Sat Jun 1310:00aMusic:The Market Music Mix-Up
Sat Jun 0610:00aMusic:t@b
Sat May 3010:00aMusic:Cuckoo Moon
Sat May 2310:00aMusic:Willpower Concert
Sat May 1610:00aMusic:Hupman Brothers
Sat Oct 1810:00aMusic:The Keats
Sat Oct 048:30aOther:Pumpkin Palooza
Sat Sep 279:00aMusic:Market Music
Sat Sep 2010:00aMusic:Hal Bruce
Sat Sep 1310:00aMusic:TripALady
Sat Aug 3010:00aMusic:Paul Marshall and Carter Lake
Sat Aug 2310:00aMusic:Nick Jeffrey
Sat Aug 1610:00aMusic:John Tetrault
Sat Aug 0910:00aCulinary:Amazing Market Race
Sat Aug 0910:00aMusic:Cuckoo Moon
Sat Jun 2810:00aMusic:Cathy Cook
Sat Jun 148:30aMusic:Dennis Robinson and Jack McDonald
Sat May 318:00pMusic:Stable Country 'Unplugged'
Sat May 248:00pMusic:Emily West and Erin Dalton
Sat May 178:00pMusic:George Symonds
Sat May 108:00pMusic:John Kavanaugh
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