Community Hall

1542 White Rock Road
White Rock, Nova Scotia


Past Events
Wed Feb 249:30aCulinary:Coffee & Tea Social
Wed Feb 179:30aCulinary:Coffee & Tea Social
Wed Feb 039:30aCulinary:Coffee & Tea Social
Wed Jan 279:30aCulinary:Coffee & Tea Social
Wed Jan 209:30aCulinary:Coffee & Tea Social
Wed Jan 139:30aCulinary:Coffee & Tea Social
Wed Jan 069:30aCulinary:Coffee & Tea Social
Wed Dec 169:30aCulinary:Coffee & Tea Social
Wed Dec 029:30aCulinary:Coffee & Tea Social
Wed Nov 259:30aCulinary:Coffee & Tea Social
Wed Nov 189:30aCulinary:Coffee & Tea Social
Sat Nov 079:00aCulinary:Unbaked Apple Pie Sale
Wed Nov 049:30aCulinary:Coffee & Tea Social
Wed Oct 289:30aCulinary:Coffee & Tea Social
Wed Oct 219:30aCulinary:Coffee & Tea Social
Wed Oct 149:30aCulinary:Coffee & Tea Social
Wed Oct 079:30aCulinary:Coffee & Tea Social
Tue Sep 299:30aCulinary:Coffee & Tea Social
Tue Sep 229:30aCulinary:Coffee & Tea Social
Tue Sep 159:30aCulinary:Coffee & Tea Social
Tue Sep 089:30aCulinary:Coffee & Tea Social
Tue Sep 019:30aCulinary:Coffee & Tea Social
Tue Aug 259:30aCulinary:Coffee & Tea Social
Tue Aug 189:30aCulinary:Coffee & Tea Social
Sat Aug 154:00pCulinary:Chicken BBQ
Tue Aug 119:30aCulinary:Coffee & Tea Social
Tue Aug 049:30aCulinary:Coffee & Tea Social
Tue Jul 289:30aCulinary:Coffee & Tea Social
Tue Jul 219:30aCulinary:Coffee & Tea Social
Tue Jul 149:30aCulinary:Coffee & Tea Social
Tue Jul 079:30aCulinary:Coffee & Tea Social
Sat Mar 148:00aCulinary:Community Spring Breakfast
Sun Feb 0911:00aCulinary:Soup Luncheon
Sun Dec 0811:30aCulinary:Turkey a la King Luncheon
Sat Nov 167:30pMusic:Dance to “Men Will Be Boys”
Fri Nov 087:00pCulinary:Apple Pie Project
Sat Oct 194:30pCulinary:Ham, Bean & Potato Scallop Supper
Sat Aug 174:00pCulinary:BBQ 1/2 Chicken Dinner
Thu Jul 0411:30aCulinary:Strawberry Luncheon
Sat May 187:00pMusic:Music Show
Fri Mar 2211:00aMusic:Munch & Mingle
Sat Feb 097:30pMusic:Dance with Men will be Boys
Sat Nov 0310:00aFundraiser:Family & Friends Holiday Shopping Party
Sat Aug 114:00pCulinary:Chicken BBQ
Sat May 267:00pMusic:Music Variety Show
Sat Aug 123:00pCulinary:Chicken BBQ
Thu Jul 0611:30pCulinary:Strawberry Luncheon
Sat May 137:30pMusic:Music Variety Show
Sat Apr 227:30pCommunity:Variety Show
Thu Mar 236:30pWorkshop:Paint Night
Sun Mar 192:00pRecreation:Snowshoeing
Sun Dec 0411:30aCulinary:Corn Chowder / Chili Lunch
Sat Oct 086:30pFundraiser:Fall Auction
Sat May 217:00pMusic:Music Variety Show
Sat May 147:30aCulinary:Pancake Breakfast & Cake Auction
Sat Apr 2310:00aCommunity:Earth Day Celebration and Clean Up
Sat Feb 201:30pRecreation:Winter...No Fun?
Sat Sep 267:00pFundraiser:White Rock Community Auction
Sat Aug 151:30pWorkshop:Leave No Trace
Wed Aug 127:00pRecreation:Walkabout Celebration
Sat May 167:30pMusic:Variety Show
Wed May 137:00pRecreation:Woodland Walk
Sat Mar 282:00pRecreation:Winter Scavenger Hunt -– Learn to Love Winter
Sat Feb 142:00pRecreation:Winter Scavenger Hunt -– Learn to Love Winter
Sat Dec 133:00pOther:Stevenson Family Fire Benefit
Sat Sep 277:00pOther:Fall Auction
Wed Sep 246:30pWorkshop:Line Dancing
Thu Jul 107:00pMeeting:Public Information Meeting
Thu Jun 267:00pMeeting:Public Information Meeting
Sat May 177:30pMusic:Variety Show
Sat May 037:30aCulinary:Pancake Breakfast & Cake Auction
Thu Mar 136:00pRecreation:Line Dancing for Fun
Mon Mar 101:30pWorkshop:Your Way to Wellness
Tue Feb 117:00pOther:Card Party
Mon Feb 032:00pRecreation:Tai-Chi
Sat Oct 264:30pCulinary:Baked Ham, Bean, Potato Scallop
Sat Sep 286:30pOther:Fall Auction
Thu May 3010:00aRecreation:Fit As A Fiddle
Mon May 2710:00aRecreation:Fit As A Fiddle
Thu May 2310:00aRecreation:Fit As A Fiddle
Mon May 2010:00aRecreation:Fit As A Fiddle
Sat May 187:00pMusic:Variety Show
Thu May 1610:00aRecreation:Fit As A Fiddle
Mon May 1310:00aRecreation:Fit As A Fiddle
Sat May 117:30pMusic:Variety Show
Thu May 0910:00aRecreation:Fit As A Fiddle
Mon May 0610:00aRecreation:Fit As A Fiddle
Sat May 047:30aCulinary:Pancake Breakfast & Cake Auction
Thu May 0210:00aRecreation:Fit As A Fiddle
Mon Apr 2910:00aRecreation:Fit As A Fiddle
Thu Apr 2510:00aRecreation:Fit As A Fiddle
Mon Apr 2210:00aRecreation:Fit As A Fiddle
Sat Apr 207:00pMusic:Variety Show
Thu Apr 1810:00aRecreation:Fit As A Fiddle
Mon Apr 1510:00aRecreation:Fit As A Fiddle
Thu Apr 1110:00aRecreation:Fit As A Fiddle
Mon Apr 0810:00aOther:Fit As A Fiddle
Thu Apr 0410:00aOther:Fit As A Fiddle
Wed Apr 0310:30aRecreation:Fitness Fun
Thu Mar 2810:00aRecreation:Fit As A Fiddle
Sat Jan 267:00pOther:Hang out Night
Sat Jan 127:00pOther:Hang out Night
Fri Dec 147:00pOther:Fun & Games Night
Wed Nov 077:00pMeeting:Community Centre AGM
Sat Oct 207:00pMusic:Variety Show
Tue Oct 097:30pOther:Card Parties
Sat Sep 297:00pOther:Fall Auction
Sat Sep 1510:30aRecreation:Fall Fitness Fun
Sat May 267:00pMusic:Musical Benefit Show
Sat May 127:30pMusic:Variety Show
Sat May 127:30aCulinary:Pancake Breakfast and Cake Auction
Sat Apr 287:00pMusic:Variety Show
Sat Apr 214:30pCulinary:Bean & Scallop Supper
Sat Mar 317:00pMusic:Variety Show
Thu Mar 013:00pMeeting:Councillor Bishop
Sat Feb 257:00pMusic:Benefit Variety Show
Sat Jan 2810:00aWorkshop:Computer Classes
Tue Nov 227:30pOther: Card Party
Tue Nov 157:30pOther: Card Party
Tue Nov 087:30pOther: Card Party
Tue Nov 017:30pOther: Card Party
Tue Oct 257:30pOther: Card Party
Sun Oct 235:00pMeeting:Leadership Candidate Brian Topp
Tue Oct 187:30pOther: Card Party
Tue Oct 117:30pOther: Card Party
Tue Oct 047:30pOther: Card Party
Sat Sep 177:00pOther:Annual Fall Auction
Wed Aug 246:00pOther:Coffee Break
Sat Jul 0911:00aOther:Community Celebration Day
Wed Jun 297:00pMeeting:White Rock Association
Sat May 147:30pMusic:Variety Show
Sat Apr 307:00pMusic:Variety Show
Sat Apr 168:00pMusic:Jim Dorie
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1542 White Rock Road White Rock, Nova Scotia