Community Centre

1045 Main Street
Port Williams, Nova Scotia
B0P 1T0

(902) 542-3321‎

Past Events
Sat Feb 171:30pMeeting:Valley Stamp Club
Wed Feb 147:00pCulinary:Valentine's Day Dinner
Sat Feb 0312:30pMeeting:Valley Stamp Club
Sat Nov 258:00aCulinary:Santa Breakfast
Thu Sep 217:00pMeeting:Youth Engagement Session
Sun Sep 179:30pRecreation:Terry Fox Run
Sat Sep 168:30aRecreation:Terry Fox Warm Up with Fred Fox
Sat Jun 108:00aCulinary:Port Williams Days
Sat Jun 1010:00aCommunity:Tribute to Truckers
Fri Jun 099:00aCulinary:Port Williams Days
Wed May 107:00pCommunity:Paint Night
Sat Apr 2910:00aOther:Stamp Exhibition, Show & Sale
Sat Mar 256:30pMusic:Dinner, Dance & Silent Auction
Tue Feb 147:00pCulinary:Valentine's Day Dinner
Sat Feb 119:00pMusic:Bluesmobile Valentine's Spectacular! *SOLD OUT*
Sat Feb 041:30pMeeting:Valley Stamp Club
Sat Dec 031:30pMeeting:Valley Stamp Club
Sat Nov 1210:00aFundraiser:Carey Me Holiday Decoration Sale
Fri Oct 0710:00aCommunity:Meet & Greet with Michael Embree
Fri Oct 075:00pCommunity:Meet & Greet with Michael Embree, Candidate
Sun Sep 1810:00aFundraiser:Terry Fox Fundraiser
Tue Sep 136:20pFundraiser:100 Men Who Give a Damn!
Tue Jun 216:30pMeeting:100 Men Who Give a Damn!
Sat Jun 118:00aCulinary:Port Williams Days
Fri Jun 109:00aCommunity:Port Williams Days
Sat Apr 3010:00aVisual:Valley Stamp Club Exhibition & Sale
Tue Apr 196:30pMeeting:100 Men Who Give a Damn!
Sat Mar 051:30pMeeting:Valley Stamp Club
Sun Feb 147:00pCulinary:Valentine's Day Dinner
Sun Feb 073:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Jan 313:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Jan 243:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sat Jan 236:00pDance:Burns Night Dinner and Dance
Sun Jan 173:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Jan 103:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Jan 033:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Dec 133:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Dec 063:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sat Nov 288:00aCulinary:Santa Breakfast Welcomes Rogers Hometown Hockey
Sun Nov 223:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sat Nov 211:30pMeeting:Valley Stamp Club
Sun Nov 153:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Nov 013:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Oct 253:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Oct 183:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Oct 043:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sat Oct 038:00pDance:Dance Through The Decades with RUCKUS
Sat Oct 031:30pMeeting:Valley Stamp Club
Sun Sep 273:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Sep 203:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Sep 133:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Wed Jul 297:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Wed Jul 227:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Wed Jul 157:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Wed Jul 087:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Wed Jun 247:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Wed Jun 177:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sat Jun 138:00aCulinary:Port Williams Days
Fri Jun 129:00aCulinary:Port Williams Days
Wed Jun 107:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Wed Jun 037:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun May 243:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun May 173:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sat May 098:00pDance:Spring Dinner & Dance SOLD OUT
Sun May 033:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Apr 263:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sat Apr 2510:00aVisual:Stamp Exhibition & Sale
Sun Apr 193:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Apr 123:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sat Apr 116:30pDance:Dinner & Dance
Sun Mar 293:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Mar 223:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Mar 222:00pCommunity:Sparkys birthday party
Sat Mar 211:30pMeeting:Valley Stamp Club
Sun Mar 153:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Mar 083:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sat Mar 071:30pMeeting:Valley Stamp Club
Sun Mar 013:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Feb 223:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sat Feb 211:30pMeeting:Valley Stamp Club
Sun Feb 153:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sat Feb 147:00pCulinary:Valentine's Day Dinner
Sun Feb 083:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sat Feb 071:30pMeeting:Valley Stamp club
Sun Feb 013:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Jan 253:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sat Jan 245:30pDance:Burns Night Dinner and Dance
Sun Jan 183:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Jan 113:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Jan 043:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Dec 213:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Dec 143:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Dec 073:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sat Nov 298:00pDance:Christmas Dance
Sun Nov 233:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Nov 163:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Wed Nov 057:00pOther:Ai Ripples
Sun Nov 023:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Oct 263:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Oct 193:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Thu Oct 097:00pLecture:Hon. Leo Glavine Town Hall Meeting
Sun Oct 053:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Wed Oct 017:00pOther:Ai Ripples
Sun Sep 283:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sat Sep 279:00pDance:Fall Dance with Men Will Be Boys
Sun Sep 213:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Sep 143:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Wed Sep 107:00pMeeting:Town and Country Quilters' Guild
Sun Sep 073:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Wed Sep 037:00pOther:Ai Ripples
Wed Jul 167:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Wed Jul 097:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Wed Jul 027:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Wed Jun 257:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Wed Jun 187:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sat Jun 148:00aOther:Port Williams Days
Fri Jun 139:00aOther:Port Williams Days
Wed Jun 117:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Wed Jun 047:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Wed Jun 047:00pOther:Ai Ripples
Sun May 253:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun May 183:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sat May 108:00pDance:Spring Dance
Wed May 077:00pOther:Ai Ripples
Sun May 043:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Apr 273:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Apr 133:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sat Apr 122:00pMusic:Spring Sing Tea
Sat Apr 127:00pMusic:Coffee House Variety Show
Sun Apr 063:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sat Apr 057:00pOther:Open House
Wed Apr 027:00pOther:Ai Ripples
Sun Mar 303:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Mar 233:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sat Mar 228:30pDance:Disco Dance
Sun Mar 163:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Mar 093:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Mar 023:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Feb 233:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Feb 163:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Fri Feb 147:00pCulinary:Valentine's Day Dinner
Sun Feb 093:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Feb 023:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Jan 263:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Jan 193:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Jan 123:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Jan 053:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Tue Dec 319:00pDance:New Years Eve Dance
Sun Dec 293:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Dec 153:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Dec 083:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Wed Dec 047:00pOther:Ai Ripples
Sun Nov 243:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sat Nov 238:00pDance:Christmas Dance
Sun Nov 173:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Fri Nov 157:30pOther:Jimmy the Janitor
Wed Nov 067:00pOther:Ai Ripples
Sun Nov 033:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Oct 273:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Oct 203:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sat Oct 199:00pDance:Halloween Dance
Wed Oct 097:00pMeeting:Town & Country Quilters Guild
Sun Oct 063:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Sep 293:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Sep 223:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Sep 153:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Wed Sep 117:00pMeeting:Town & Country Quilters Guild
Sun Sep 083:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Wed Sep 047:00pOther:Ai Ripples - Gifts Within Our Spiritual Community
Sat Jun 088:00aOther:Port Williams Days
Fri Jun 079:00aOther:Port Williams Days
Mon Jun 037:00pOther:Ai Ripples - Shamanic Sound
Mon May 067:00pMeeting:Ai Ripples' Spiritual Community
Sun May 053:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sat May 047:30pMusic:Classic Country Music Special
Sun Apr 283:00pWorkshop:Social Ballroom Dancing
Fri Apr 267:00pOther:Quilt Trunk Show
Fri Apr 267:00pOther:Princess Tea
Mon Apr 087:00pOther:Ai Ripples' Spiritual Community
Sun Apr 073:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sun Mar 173:00pDance:Social Ballroom Dancing
Sat Mar 028:00pDance:Hawaiian Beach Party
Sat Feb 162:00pOther:Women's Institute 100th Anniversary
Thu Feb 147:00pCulinary:Valentine's Day Dinner
Mon Nov 057:00pOther:Ai Ripples' Spiritual Community
Sun Nov 042:00pOther:Remembrance Day Observance
Mon Oct 017:00pOther:Ai Ripples' Spiritual Community
Mon Sep 177:00pMeeting:Tapping Into Weight Loss
Mon Sep 107:00pOther:Ai Ripples'
Sat Jun 099:00aOther:Port Williams Days
Fri Jun 089:00aOther:Port Williams Days
Mon Jun 047:00pMeeting:Ai Ripples
Mon May 077:00pOther:Rippling Night
Sat May 057:30pMusic:Country Music Show
Sat Apr 216:30pTheatre:Date with Destiny - Picnic Theatre
Mon Apr 027:00pWorkshop:Ai Ripples
Sat Mar 101:00pOther:Washer Toss Tournament
Thu Mar 0112:00pOther:Team Joshua Fundraiser
Tue Feb 147:00pCulinary:Valentine's Day Dinner
Mon Jan 237:00pMeeting:Information Meeting
Sat Dec 319:00pDance:New Year's Eve Dance
Wed Nov 307:00pMeeting:Housing Development Presentation
Sat Nov 126:30pCulinary:Hitz from the Blitz Dinner Cabaret
Mon Nov 077:00pWorkshop:Ai Ripples-spiritual Gathering
Sat Nov 057:30pDance:Latin Dance Night
Sat Oct 299:00pDance:Halloween Dance
Mon Oct 037:00pMeeting:Ai Ripples
Sat Aug 207:00pMusic:Kitchen Party
Fri Jul 0810:00aVisual:Colours of Summer Art Show
Mon Jun 2710:00aVisual:The Colours of Summer - Art Show and Sale
Sat Jun 118:00aOther:Port Williams Days
Fri Jun 109:00aOther:Mock Jail
Sat Jun 047:30pMusic:Variety Show
Mon Feb 147:00pCulinary:Valentine's Day Dinner
Sat Jun 128:00aOther:Yard Sale Fundraiser
Sat Jun 128:00aOther:Port Williams Days
Fri Jun 119:00aOther:Mock Jail
Sat May 017:30pMusic:Country Music Special
Sat Apr 106:30pDance:Dinner & Dance
Wed Jun 177:00pMeeting:Supporting Sustainable Enterprises
Sat May 308:00pOther:Apple Blossom Dance & Silent Auction
Mon Feb 237:00pMeeting:Kings County Sustainability
Sat Oct 258:00pMusic:Ton Veta's Country Music
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1045 Main Street Port Williams, Nova Scotia B0P 1T0