Past Events
Thu Oct 262:00pVisual:Open Studio
Thu Oct 192:00pVisual:Open Studio
Thu Oct 122:00pVisual:Open Studio
Thu Oct 052:00pVisual:Open Studio
Sun Oct 0112:00pVisual:Artisan in Action: Traditional NS Art & Craft
Thu Sep 282:00pVisual:Open Studio
Thu Sep 212:00pVisual:Open Studio
Thu Sep 142:00pVisual:Open Studio
Wed Sep 137:00pMeeting:An Intro to Social Enterprise...A Conversation for the Common Good
Sat Sep 0910:00aFundraiser:Honey Harvest Festival
Fri Sep 087:00pMusic:Open Mic
Thu Sep 072:00pVisual:Open Studio
Fri Sep 017:00pMusic:Open Mic
Thu Aug 312:00pVisual:Open Studio
Thu Aug 242:00pVisual:Open Studio
Thu Aug 242:00pVisual:Open Studio
Fri Aug 187:00pMusic:Open Mic
Thu Aug 172:00pVisual:Open Studio
Fri Aug 117:00pMusic:Open Mic
Thu Aug 102:00pVisual:Open Studio
Sun Aug 0612:00pVisual:Artisan in Action: Fibre & Textiles
Fri Aug 047:00pMusic:Open Mic
Thu Aug 032:00pVisual:Open Studio
Fri Jul 287:00pMusic:Open Mic
Thu Jul 272:00pVisual:Open Studio
Fri Jul 217:00pMusic:Open Mic
Thu Jul 202:00pVisual:Open Studio
Sun Jul 0212:00pVisual:Artisans in Action: Metal
Sun Jun 2510:00aCommunity:Summer Solstice Pop-up Market
Sat Jun 2410:00aCommunity:Summer Solstice Pop-up Market
Sun Jun 0412:00pWorkshop:Artisans in Action: Wood & Leather
Sun May 211:00pVisual:Bruce Pellegrin Retrospective
Fri May 057:00pVisual:Great Little Art Show
Fri Oct 287:00pMusic:Avon Spirit Coffeehouse
Thu Oct 272:00pCommunity:Open Studio
Wed Oct 262:00pCommunity:Open Studio
Fri Oct 217:00pMusic:Avon Spirit Coffeehouse
Thu Oct 202:00pCommunity:Open Studio
Wed Oct 192:00pCommunity:Open Studio
Fri Oct 147:00pMusic:Avon Spirit Coffeehouse
Thu Oct 132:00pCommunity:Open Studio
Wed Oct 122:00pCommunity:Open Studio
Fri Oct 077:00pMusic:Avon Spirit Coffeehouse
Thu Oct 062:00pCommunity:Open Studio
Wed Oct 052:00pCommunity:Open Studio
Sun Oct 0212:00pVisual:Artisans in Action, Traditional NS Crafts
Fri Sep 307:00pMusic:Avon Spirit Coffeehouse
Thu Sep 292:00pCommunity:Open Studio
Wed Sep 282:00pCommunity:Open Studio
Fri Sep 237:00pMusic:Avon Spirit Coffeehouse
Thu Sep 222:00pCommunity:Open Studio
Wed Sep 212:00pCommunity:Open Studio
Fri Sep 167:00pMusic:Avon Spirit Coffeehouse
Thu Sep 152:00pCommunity:Open Studio
Wed Sep 142:00pMeeting:Open Studio
Sat Sep 1010:00aFundraiser:Honey Harvest Festival
Fri Sep 097:00pMusic:Avon Spirit Coffeehouse
Thu Sep 082:00pCommunity:Open Studio
Wed Sep 072:00pCommunity:Open Studio
Sun Sep 0412:00pVisual:Paint Avondale
Fri Sep 027:00pMusic:Avon Spirit Coffeehouse
Sat Aug 272:00pOther:Wharf Day
Fri Aug 267:00pMusic:Avon Spirit Coffeehouse
Fri Aug 197:00pMusic:Avon Spirit Coffeehouse
Thu Aug 182:00pCommunity:Open Studio
Wed Aug 172:00pCommunity:Open Studio
Fri Aug 127:00pMusic:Avon Spirit Coffeehouse
Sun Aug 0712:00pVisual:Artisans in Action
Fri Jul 297:00pMusic:Avon Spirit Coffeehouse
Thu Jul 282:00pMeeting:Open Studio
Wed Jul 272:00pCommunity:Open Studio
Fri Jul 227:00pMusic:Avon Spirit Coffeehouse
Thu Jul 212:00pCommunity:Open Studio
Wed Jul 202:00pCommunity:Open Studio
Fri Jul 157:00pMusic:Avon Spirit Coffeehouse
Fri Jul 087:00pMusic:Avon Spirit Coffeehouse
Sun Jul 0312:00pVisual:Artisans in Action
Thu Jun 302:00pCommunity:Open Studio
Wed Jun 292:00pCommunity:Open Studio
Thu Jun 232:00pCommunity:Open Studio
Wed Jun 222:00pCommunity:Open Studio
Sun Jun 1910:00aMusic:Summer Solstice Pop-up Market
Sun Jun 1910:00aMusic:Full Circle Festival
Sat Jun 1810:00aMusic:Summer Solstice Pop-up Market
Sat Jun 1810:00aMusic:Full Circle Festival
Fri Jun 174:00pMusic:Full Circle Festival
Thu Jun 162:00pCommunity:Open Studio
Wed Jun 152:00pCommunity:Open Studio
Fri Jun 107:00pMusic:Avon Spirit Coffeehouse
Thu Jun 092:00pCommunity:Open Studio
Wed Jun 082:00pCommunity:Open Studio
Sun Jun 0512:00pVisual:Artisans in Action
Fri Jun 037:00pMusic:Avon Spirit Coffeehouse
Thu Jun 022:00pCommunity:Open Studio
Wed Jun 012:00pMeeting:Open Studio
Sun May 2910:00aVisual:The Great Little Art Show
Sat May 2810:00aVisual:The Great Little Art Show
Fri May 277:00pMusic:Avon Spirit Coffeehouse
Sun May 2210:00aVisual:The Great Little Art Show
Sat May 2110:00aVisual:The Great Little Art Show
Fri May 207:00pMusic:Avon Spirit Coffeehouse
Sun May 1510:00aVisual:The Great Little Art Show
Sat May 1410:00aVisual:The Great Little Art Show
Fri May 067:00pVisual:The Great Little Art Show
Fri Oct 307:00pMusic:Avon Spirit Coffeehouse
Fri Oct 237:00pMusic:Avon Spirit Coffeehouse
Fri Oct 167:00pMusic:Avon Spirit Coffeehouse
Fri Oct 097:00pMusic:Avon Spirit Coffeehouse
Sun Oct 0412:00pVisual:Artisans in Action
Fri Oct 027:00pMusic:Avon Spirit Coffeehouse
Sat Sep 268:00pTheatre:Indoor Ghost Show
Fri Sep 257:00pMusic:Avon Spirit Coffeehouse
Tue Sep 227:00pMeeting:Annual General Meeting
Fri Sep 187:00pMusic:Avon Spirit Coffeehouse
Sat Sep 121:30pMusic:A Gift Of Music
Fri Sep 117:00pMusic:Avon Spirit Coffeehouse
Sun Sep 0612:00pVisual:Artisans in Action
Fri Sep 047:00pMusic:Avon Spirit Coffeehouse
Fri Aug 287:00pMusic:Avon Spirit Coffeehouse
Fri Aug 217:00pMusic:Open Mic
Fri Aug 147:00pMusic:Open Mic
Fri Aug 077:00pMusic:Open Mic
Sun Aug 0212:00pVisual:Artisans in Action
Sun Jul 0512:00pVisual:Artisans in Action
Sun Jun 0712:00pVisual:Artisans in Action
Sun May 3110:00aVisual:Great Little Art Show
Sat May 3010:00aVisual:Great Little Art Show
Sun May 2410:00aVisual:Great Little Art Show
Sat May 2310:00aVisual:Great Little Art Show
Sun May 1710:00aVisual:Great Little Art Show
Sat May 1610:00aVisual:Great Little Art Show
Fri May 157:00pOther:Open Mic at the Museum
Fri May 087:00pMusic:Great Little Art Show
Sun Oct 0512:00pVisual:Artisans in Action, Acadian and Mi'kmaq
Tue Sep 237:00pOther:Annual General Meeting
Sun Sep 0710:00aVisual:Paint Avondale
Sun Aug 0312:00pVisual:Artisan in Action - Fibre/Pottery/Metal
Sun Jul 0612:00pVisual:Artisans in Action: Metal
Fri Jun 206:00pMusic:Full Circle Festival
Sun Jun 0112:00pVisual:Artisans in Action
Sun May 1111:00aVisual:Great Little Art Show
Sat May 1010:00aVisual:Great Little Art Show
Fri May 097:00pVisual:Great Little Art Show
Sun Sep 0110:00aVisual:Heritage Artisans in Action
Sun Aug 2510:00aVisual:Heritage Artisans in Action, Jewellery
Sun Aug 1110:00aVisual:Heritage Artisans in Action, Painting
Sun Jul 2810:00aVisual:Heritage Artisans in Action
Sun Jul 1410:00aVisual:Heritage Artisans in Action, Leather!
Sun Jul 0710:00aVisual:Heritage Artisans in Action
Sun Jun 3010:00aVisual:Heritage Artisans in Action
Sat Jun 2212:00pMusic:Full Circle Festival
Sat Jun 1511:00aVisual:Heritage Artisans in Action
Sun Apr 2810:00aVisual:The Great Little Art Show
Sat Apr 2710:00aVisual:The Great Little Art Show
Fri Apr 267:00pVisual:The Great Little Art Show
Fri Jul 068:00pMusic:Full Circle Festival
Fri Apr 277:00pVisual:Great Little Art Show
Fri Apr 157:00pVisual:Great Little Art Show
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