James Skinner Benefit
Saturday August 27, 2011  8pm - 10pm (2 Hours)

 902- 542-1214

Music by Andy & Ariana, Jenny MacDonald, Jesse Potter, Mike Aube, Daniel Hiekalo... to name just a few.

RAFFLE DRAWS (lots of great prizes including tickets to Evergreen, CentreStage, Deep Roots & Smokin' Blues Fest 2

ART SALE - pieces by Ernest Cadegan, Marie Jardine, Terry Drahos, Steven Kennard, John Robichaud, Colleen Dagnall and more!

BAKE SALE managed by the Rolled Oat Cafe.

For more information contact Donna Holmes at iwakichick@hotmail.com or 542-1214.

Help the man who created this Valley Events website! Donate now, or come to the benefit, watch some music, buy a Raffle Ticket or some amazing local Art, or purchase some yummy baked goods. All proceeds will go to James Skinner.

Here is more information about our friend James:

(August 12, 2011)

James R. Skinner grew up in the Annapolis Valley. He did his undergraduate at Acadia University in the Jodrey School of Computer Science and upon graduation in 1994 he moved to Ottawa to work as a software designer at Bell Northern Research. After becoming extremely ill James moved home to Weston, near Aylesford.

James has been an active member and promoter of the Arts in the Valley since moving back 4 years ago. Being involved with the community has helped him cope with his sleep-disordered breathing. Even through his worst bouts of illness, James has actively volunteered with many groups that support art in the Valley including the Al Whittle Theatre, Evergreen Theatre, Alliance of Kings Artists and others. He also created a free website that advertises local arts and culture events in the Valley – the popular ValleyEvents.ca!

In March of this year, James went for a consultation with a Nova Scotian ENT specialist to explore his options. Unfortunately, and without James' agreement, an unplanned surgery was performed and went terribly wrong leaving him with a debilitating condition known as Empty Nose Syndrome (www.emptynosesyndrome.org).

On August 8th, James went to see the most respected Empty Nose specialist in Cleveland, Ohio. The doctor has told James he will need to return March, 2012 to receive turbinate implants. As you may expect, these trips cost a great deal and the procedure will be around 10,000 USD.

We thank our beautiful community for holding this benefit (Aug 27, 8pm, St. John’s Parish Hall) to help James cover the costs. Your love and support has been an incentive for James to have hope. With your help, he is starting a new difficult journey towards health. THANK YOU!
Pricing & Tickets
Pricing: Donation (plus buy raffle tickets for $1 each, or Art, or baked goods, etc)
St. John's Parish Hall
341 Main Street
Wolfville, Nova Scotia


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