Event Policy

ValleyEvents.ca is a free portal for informing residents and visitors of the Annapolis Valley of upcoming arts, culture, entertainment, and educational events happening in the Annapolis Valley region. ValleyEvents.ca allows promoters, artists, venues, and citizens to post events at no cost.

To continue providing this service within the confines of its intended purpose, the following posting rules were created.

Valid Arts & Entertainment events include, but are not limited to:
  • Music Concerts
  • Dance Performances
  • Live Theatre
  • Educational Lectures
  • Movies (not for profit)
  • Literary events
  • Visual Arts events
Other Valid events include, but are not limited to:
  • Karaoke
  • Culinary Events
  • Community Meals
  • Arts related Workshops
  • Fundraiser and Charitable Events
  • Recreation Events - non-competitive, non-team community related activities
  • Community/Town run Fitness Classes
  • Fundraiser and Charitable Flea Markets, Yard Sales, & Auctions
  • General interest events
Invalid events include, but are not limited to:
  • Personal Yard sales
  • Private Parties
  • Registrations
  • Auditions & Tryouts
  • Business events involving customer solicitation
  • Business advertisements or sales
  • Workshops & Courses unrelated to the arts
  • Business run Fitness Classes
  • Sporting events
  • Restaurant menu changes or special menus
  • Religious events unrelated to the arts
  • Online events
  • Multiple events within one posting


Uploaded poster images must be the actual poster created specifically for the event. This needs to include at least the event/artist name, date & time of the event, and venue for the event or event series.

There are a couple of exceptions to this rule:
  • For film events its acceptable to use the generic movie poster.
  • For book launches its acceptable to use the book cover.
  • If there is no real poster being created for an event then a generic tour/artist poster can be used.
  • If the real poster is not ready at the time of event posting, a generic poster may be used until the real one is ready to be added later.
  • If an event has a ticket giveaway and does not have a poster the ValleyEvents.ca team may add generic poster or image at their discretion
A generic poster must be an actual poster template provided my the artist/performer/film company and at a minimum include text, typically the name of the film, event, or artist name. It can not be a generic picture or clip art and must look like an event poster. Typically generic posters are templates provided by artist/compnay with a blank spot at the bottom to fill in the event details specific to a single event.

Posters not meeting these rules will be removed.


ValleyEvents.ca administrators reserve the right to:
  • Modify any event or venue information
  • Remove duplicate venue locations
  • Remove any content that does not conform to this policy statement
  • Remove any content that contains offensive material
  • Ban any users who abuse the use of ValleyEvents.ca
Inability to follow the posting rules will result in removal of infringing posts and/or users. In the event of a posting conflict between ValleyEvents.ca Administrators and ValleyEvents.ca users, the former shall have final say over postings or users posting privileges.

By adding events to ValleyEvents.ca you are agreeing to the rules within this policy.