Paid Advertising

Listing events is always completely free. If you want increased promotion for your event, we have two paid options: poster ads on our homepage and banner ads in our weekly email. If your event does not meet our event policy or you want to advertise something that isn't an event, you can buy a business ad.

1)  Promoted Event Poster

  • Select premium arts & entertainment events are eligitable for paid promotion
  • Posters for these promoted events show up randomly on the homepage
  • Clicking on the poster will open its event details page on
  • The poster will appear for at least 30 days before the event
  • The cost is $10 per event

2)  Weekly Email Ad

  • We have two weekly emails
  • Our Wednesday event email reaches over 2,290 people
  • Our Friday ticket giveaway email reaches over 2,340 people
  • Please provide your banner at 1280x200 pixels
  • Banners are displayed at 640x100 pixels (half provided size)
  • Height is somewhat flexible so does not have to be exactly 100
  • Ad will link to URL of your choice
  • The cost is $25 per mailout
  • View Sample Ads

3)  Business Ad

  • Business ads display in the sidebar on the website
  • On mobile they display in the homepage banner
  • Please provide ad at 320x320 pixels
  • Ads are displayed at 160x160 pixels (half provided size)
  • Ad will link to URL of your choice
  • The cost is $25 per month
  • View Sample Ads
To buy ad space or if you have any questions, email us at