Paid Advertising is one of the most visited event websites in the Annapolis Valley. We typically have over 15,000 visits to our site every month. Over 7,200 users have registered to list events, enter giveaways, or receive one of our weekly emails.

Our paid advertising options are:
Note: If you are an event owner and your event meets our event policy you can always list your event for free. If you want increased exposure for your event, or you want to promote something that is not an event, you by may want to consider a paid option. If your event does not meet our policy, you may also buy an ad for it instead.

1) Website Sidebar Ads

1-4 Months5-7 Months8+ Months

  • Sidebar ad dimensions are 180x150 pixels
  • Ads have at worst 1 in 6 odds of being displayed
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  • Website visitor stats for the last 30 days:

2) Weekly Event Email Ads

  • Email ad dimensions are 575 pixels wide
  • Its height is somewhat flexible but should be around 100 pixels
  • Our weekly event email currently reaches over 2,200 people
  • The cost is $25 per mailout
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3) Weekly Giveaway Email Ads

  • Giveaway ad dimensions are somewhat flexible (275x125 suggested)
  • Our weekly giveaway email currently reaches over 2,300 people
  • Ads in the giveaway email must not be an ad for an event
  • The cost is $25 per mailout
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General Notes

  • If you need help constructing an ad, we can do that for you for a small fee
  • We prefer images in png format but also accept jpg, gif, etc
  • To buy ad space or if you have any questions, please email us at