Homeless No More - Kick off Reception
Wednesday April 18, 2018  12pm - 1:30pm (1 Hour 30 Minutes)
Meeting / Club Community


The Rotary Clubs of Kings County Foundation is pleased to announce its support for Homeless No More with an investment in the strategy launch for 2018. The Rotary Clubs of Kings County agrees with the organizations and individuals that are coming together to say, this is a problem that we could solve. It will take some hard work, a change in our thinking and approach. This is a kick off reception and cheque presentation. Snacks provided but drinks are at each person's cost.

There is undoubtedly a problem with youth homelessness in The Annapolis Valley. Youth are among the fastest growing and most underserved of Canada’s homeless population. They make up 20% of the homeless population. To some, the issue of youth homelessness is unseen and therefore not an issue. To those that know the youth and hear their stories, it is a very real and challenging issue. Through youth outreach work, in 2017, the current state of affairs for youth homelessness is as follows:
● Of the 119 youth (16- 19 years of age) identified as being at risk in 2017, 62 were homeless and 57 were at risk of being homelessness (close to 80% were in King’s County).
● Of the 62 that were homeless- all experienced couch surfing and over 40 were unsheltered (slept outside, in a tent or car) for some period of time; and 10 might have accessed emergency shelter.
● Of the 119 youth, 90% experienced other stressors like: family conflict, domestic violence or mental health issues.
● While homeless (couch surfing), 38% of youth were exploited for sex, money, crime or drug related issues.


Wayfarers' Ale Brewery
Wayfarers' Ale
1116 Kars Street
Port Williams, Nova Scotia


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Wayfarers' Ale Brewery 1116 Kars Street Port Williams, Nova Scotia B0P1T0