Collectif9 + Architek Percussion
Saturday October 13, 2018  7:30pm - 10pm (2 Hours 30 Minutes)

Presented by Acadia Performing Arts Series



— a new collaborative multi-media performance about people and their places.

MY BACKYARD, SOMEWHERE is a reflection of our malleable sense of belonging in a vast country. This is a project that explores boundaries, location, and sense of belonging: our displaced sense of home, travelling to and fro, and the elements of communication between people and places. This speaks to our Canadian identity, be it through our history or through current nomadic tendencies within our own country.

The text, by Montreal’s novelist and sound performer Kaie Kellough is a poetic “migration” through words and places. The music is a journey through the styles of five multi-disciplinary and multi-genre composers of our generation from across Canada. Beginning with the textures and recreations of sounds from the real world in the music of Derek Charke, we pass through the lyricism and imagery of Luna Pearl Woolf, the groove of Bret Higgins, the electronic pulse of Eliot Britton, and an imaginative foray into the technologies of pop culture with Nicole Lizée. These voices communicate with each other, with the performers, and with the audience throughout the concert experience.

As each piece is carefully shaped, so is the entire show, the full musical experience paced in a way that you have come to expect with collectif9. The listener is guided carefully through the
innovative pieces, and the lights, staging, and amplification continue to draw you further into our world. collectif9 cultivates communication and collaboration between artists and within their community by envisioning ways in which the concert experience can be made more inclusive, taking inspiration from other artists and concert-goers, classical and otherwise. Montréal-based quartet Architek Percussion is a dynamic force in Canada’s vibrant new music community with a penchant for crossing genres and connecting to people. The ensembles combine their musical visions and desire to engage to present an immersive and gripping concert experience.

$34 / general
$22 / students

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Festival Theatre
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