Crossings Biblical Study
Sunday September 16, 2018  6:30pm - 8pm (1 Hour 30 Minutes)
Workshop / Class

Crossings Book Study at Port Williams United Baptist Church
What is the most important story in the Bible? That is a tough question! There are hundreds of stories in the Bible, but if someone asked which one is THE one they should know, how would you answer? What are the top 8?
That is what Crossings is all about. This eight-week course looks at what theologian Walter Brueggemann has called the "primal narrative--that most simple, elemental, and non-negotiable story line that lies at the heart of biblical faith. This is the consistently believed in and recited root story that a community relies on in crisis and the one by which the truth or falseness of every other story is judged."
This video-based series draws on the expertise of leading theologians and scholars, as well as our own reflections on the stories to help us gain an understanding of the whole of scripture.

You are invited to join us beginning Sunday, September 16. These one-hour sessions will run from 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm at the church. Each week, for eight weeks, we will look at a story, share the reflections that we have gained from our reading prior to our session (yes that means a bit of homework!) and learn from each other.

To sign up, or to ask any questions, please contact Rev. Don Flowers at This is a wonderful opportunity to invite a friend to experience the uniqueness of Port Williams United Baptist! Everyone is welcome.

The cost is $20 which covers the cost of a journal for each participant.

United Baptist Church
1031 Main Street, Hwy 358
Port Williams, Nova Scotia

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United Baptist Church 1031 Main Street, Hwy 358 Port Williams, Nova Scotia B0P 1T0