North American Conkers Championship
Saturday October 13, 2018  9am

Go NUTS in Annapolis Royal.

Conkers? Has anyone really heard of conkers? New to many Nova Scotians, but an old tradition for anyone of British heritage, Conkers has been making a reappearance in Annapolis Royal in recent years.

The game of conkers involves, quite simply, a chestnut on a string. Well, two actually, as each person in the duel requires the same armament. The objective – to break your opponent’s conker. Sounds simple, but it is actually quite difficult and makes for great fun for participants and spectators alike. To quote the Annapolis Royal organizers, conkers is “A game of Kings and school boys - This centuries old form of sporting battle is about to re-emerge.”

The 7th Annual North American Conker Championship will be held “centre-Courtyard” during the first Winter Market of the season. Registration begins at 9am and the tournament begins at 10:30am as participants vie for the coveted Crofton Chalice. No experience necessary! Competitive rounds for age 8 to 108 - practice area available for younger kids and any adults who want to try their hand in a non-competitive environment.

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Historic Gardens
441 St. George Street
Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia
(902) 532-7018

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