A Different Kind of Bag
Friday October 12, 2018  12pm - 1pm (1 Hour )
Lecture / Seminar


Event in Room: Room #107, Patterson Hall

Please join us for this free Lunchtime Learning session presented by Acadia Lifelong Learning.

Never a day goes by in hospitals in the Halifax area without an ostomy surgery of some sort being performed. An ostomy is the result of a surgical procedure to redirect waste from the body. They are life-saving interventions needed due to disease or injury in the digestive or urinary tracts. These procedures are performed on newborns as well as people in their 90’s. Having undergone such a surgery in 2014, Blanca Baquero's presentation will describe her experience, her reaction to it, and how it affects her everyday life. Her goal is to bring about increased public awareness for a topic seldom discussed in public. Blanca will be joined by Acadia student, Heather Bonnell as well as Joel Jacobson from Halifax. Warning: Some details and pictures may be a bit graphic.

Presenter: Blanca Baquero
Life has blessed Blanca Baquero in so many ways, and it is these blessings that served her well after a life-changing event in 2014 turned her world upside down...emergency colostomy surgery. Today, she is a certified visitor in hospitals for Ostomy Halifax, offering the precious support to others who are going through the same circumstances. Since moving to Nova Scotia in 2002, Blanca has been a guide-interpreter for Parks Canada, a past member of Acadia Lifelong Learning, a BA recipient of Acadia University, volunteer in schools and at the Valley Community Learning Centre in Kentville and revels in writing, photography, biking, and trekking.


Patterson Hall
24 University Avenue
Wolfville, Nova Scotia

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