St. Martin's Day Lantern Walk
Saturday November 10, 2018  7pm - 8:30pm (1 Hour 30 Minutes)
Music Festival / Fair Wheelchair Accessible Family Friendly Dog Friendly Outdoor Community

A magical and incredible experience for kids and grown ups alike!

Come participate in the light brought into the World by St. Martin of Tours!

Join together in a celebration which will include brass music; a shadow puppet re-creation of the story of St. Martin; and the sharing of hot chocolate and specialty produced, bishop-shaped bread from Centreville's" Baked Inn Bakery".

BRING A LANTERN to light the way as you walk around the park's trails and ponds in the dark and then gather at the end to eat together. Lanterns are easy to make at home from a mason jar, tea light and wire!

A great German tradition for both families and all ages!

NB: If the event of inclement weather, the Lantern Walk will take place at St. Francis's Church, Wolfville - and will still be an amazing time!.

The church will remain darkened and we will light it up with our lanterns! Brass music, the shadow puppetry storytelling of St. Martin, and a short prayer, will all take place in the church before we walk with our lanterns to the church hall to enjoy games, hot chocolate, and "bishop" bread!


Reservoir Park
Wolfville, Nova Scotia

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Reservoir Park Wolfville, Nova Scotia