Ag + Tech = Innovation
Tuesday February 12, 2019  7pm - 9pm (2 Hours )
Lecture / Seminar Meeting / Club Workshop / Class Wheelchair Accessible Community

Event in Room: Top Floor

Agriculture globally is a 12 trillion dollar annual industry ripe for technology startups looking to bring new hi-tech innovations to market. Where does digital technology and agriculture meet, and what are the opportunities?

Gary Morton (Morton Horticultural Associates, Annapolis Valley Chamber of Commerce Agriculture Committee) will discuss this exciting technology space, and the over $160,000 (cash and in-kind services) that the AVCC has awarded locally to spark agriculture innovation. Dr. Danny Silver (Acadia Institute for Data Analytics) will look at the opportunities around ag. and the field of data analytics. Finally, we will also explore the locally grown startup FoodByte, and how they are making big waves in the ag. tech space.

Hosted by Refresh Annapolis Valley. All are welcome!


Patterson Hall
24 University Avenue
Wolfville, Nova Scotia

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Patterson Hall 24 University Avenue Wolfville, Nova Scotia