VRHF Health Talks: Yoga and Healthy Aging
Tuesday February 19, 2019  2pm - 3pm (1 Hour )
Lecture / Seminar

(902) 678-5414

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Yoga is the ideal companion at any stage in life, especially as we befriend our ever-changing bodies. Yoga’s gift to us is the awareness of our own body, mind, emotional heart and spirit and their strengths.

The popular image of yoga may be of a young person twisted physically up like a pretzel but this need not be the only image. The only thing that we need to be able to do to practice yoga is to breath. Yoga is fundamentally a practice for cultivating awareness, for being fully present with all that arises in our life in an open and non-judgmental fashion.

Presenter: Joy Waterbury

Health Talks are offered by Valley Regional Hospital Foundation in partnership with the Valley Credit Union and Kings Riverside Court.


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