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Dr. W. C. Archibald was my father's brother, and I knew him well until his death in 1962. In late 1914 McGill University made an extraordinary offer to the Canadian government: they would supply a 1040-bed hospital with a full staff, all to be sent to France. From the Dean of Medicine to my uncle, a lowly 2nd-year med student, the cream of Montreal's medical community joined the army and went. Some important medical advances and 144,000 patients later, in 1919, they closed the hospital and returned to Canada.

Dr. Fred Archibald is a microbiologist (Acadia '69, Dalhousie '75, McGill '79). He retired to metropolitan Canard from Montreal and McGill with wife Helen (Acadia B.Sc. Biology 1969) in 2003, He gave a course in Acadia's Biology Department for 6 years, but otherwise has been traveling and enjoying his hobbies. His interests lie in environmental- and micro-biology, alternate energy, travel, amateur radio, and history.


Patterson Hall
24 University Avenue
Wolfville, Nova Scotia

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Patterson Hall 24 University Avenue Wolfville, Nova Scotia