#ScratchFest 2019
Saturday April 6, 2019  12pm - 4pm (4 Hours )
Gallery / Exhibit Meeting / Club Workshop / Class Family Friendly Community


Doors Open at 11:30am

#ScratchFest is a weekend (April 6th and April 7th) Build-a-thon for kids and teens interested in creating amazing original work with digital technologies, such as the Scratch programming environment, Processing, Virtual Reality, and more.

During #ScartchFest, participants will brainstorm an idea, develop their project, and showcase a final prototype. This weekend warrior event provides an excellent opportunity for coders to invent their own projects and demonstrate their knowledge within a collaborative, creative, and playful environment.

Kids (8 to 13 years old) will work on Scratch projects in 1 of 3 categories:

Interactive Artwork: Abstract, conceptual, or just plain weird, interactive artwork projects explore the combination of visuals and sound to create unique interactive presentations.

Interactive Stories: With Scratch interactive story projects, you will take your audience through an amazing world of your own creation.

Video Games: Action, strategy, roll playing, sports…. build your own game for your players to compete at.

Teens (13 to 17 years old) will work on projects using whatever software technologies they choose. We will have workshops and hands experts able to assist teens with:

Scratch: See how far you can take the Scratch environment to build unique wonders.

Web Development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript… what sort of web application will you prototype?

OpenProcessing: Using p5js, coding tools for the visual artist, take your canvas to the web.

Circuit Playground Express: A DIY electronics platform, build robots to change the world.

Working in teams of up to 2, or working solo, Scratchers aged 8 to 13 and coders (13 to 17) of various skill levels will earn points from the community to take home top dog prizes.

Win Big!

Over $500 in prizes will be awarded for the best in category projects.


Sheldon L. Fountain Learning Commons
Acadia University
26 Crowell Road
Wolfville, Nova Scotia

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Sheldon L. Fountain Learning Commons 26 Crowell Road Wolfville, Nova Scotia