Photo Club: Drone Photography
Wednesday April 3, 2019  7pm - 9pm (2 Hours )
Lecture / Seminar Meeting / Club Workshop / Class

Doors Open at 6:30pm
Event in Room: A106

Greg Butler joins us to discuss the disruptive and exciting shift in photography opportunities now accessible with drones, and current trends in drone technology. He'll offer emphasis on practical tips on why and how everyone should initiate a drone as part of their photographic tool box, and in particular, if you are a photographer, you should see a drone as a wonderful new type of camera, rather than just a small aircraft. Basic skills in video editing will be discussed. Two drones will be displayed and flown during the presentation.

We'll also review our membership's recent work on our latest themes.

The public is welcome. If you enjoy the club, we encourage you to consider becoming a member.


NSCC Kingstec Campus (902) 678-7341 236 Belcher Street Kentville, Nova Scotia B4N 0A6