Volunteer Symposium
Wednesday May 15, 2019  8:30am - 3:30pm (7 Hours )
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Workshop / Class Community


Organized by the Kings Volunteer Resource Centre, our 4th Annual Volunteer Leadership Symposium will include keynote speakers, learning sessions, and a chance to network with volunteers and volunteer organizations in the Kings County region.
Pre-registration is required.
Registration: 8:30am - 9:00am
Welcome: 9:00am - 9:15am
Keynote Speaker: 9:15am - 10:15am:
Creating Change Through Volunteerism: Danny Graham, Engage Nova Scotia
Nova Scotians care deeply about this province. We know we are committed to making Nova Scotia a better place. Nova Scotia is facing unprecedented economic, demographic, social and environmental challenges. The responsibility to develop bold ideas and innovative solutions needs to be shared by everyone – especially citizens.Through a fundamentally deeper and broader process of dialogue and collaboration – amongst government, business, institutions, the voluntary sector and engaged citizens – we can effectively tackle the challenges we face. Most of what we need is already here in the communities, culture and people of Nova Scotia.

Morning Workshops: 10:30am – 12:15pm:
Recruiting Volunteers - When not-for-profit volunteer organizations are asked what their challenges are the first or second response is always finding and keeping volunteers. Through this workshop we will explore the current trends in volunteering, several different approaches to recruitment and review many examples of what has really worked and not worked for other. We will discuss what motivates different people to volunteer and how to successfully train and prepare volunteers for their specific duties within the organization. This workshop also addresses the hard questions surrounding what to do with volunteers who are simply worn-out or no longer adding to the organization.

Volunteer Protection Act - Board members and prospective board members of community organizations sometimes worry about their exposure to personal liability if something happens with the organization while they are serving on the board. Retired lawyer and active human resources consultant Michael Coyle will dispel some myths and misinformation and will explain Nova Scotia’s Volunteer Protection Act and its important role in non-profit board governance.

Strategic and Generative Role and Responsibility of Boards - Daren Okafo, Manager of Learning at the Community Sector Council, will guide the group through building the capacity of Boards around things like, Financial Planning and Strategic Thinking to support organizational sustainability, strategic goals, and impacts.

Courageous Conversations - Confronting conflict constructively and maintaining open discussion when emotions run high can be challenging and uncomfortable for many; as a result, these important conversations are often mishandled or avoided altogether, which benefits no one. This session focuses on building the skills necessary for engaging in difficult conversations while maintaining the integrity of the relationship and achieving win-win outcome for everyone. Objectives of the session: Initiate strategies and tools to have courageous conversations; Addressing issues in a manner that is direct, respectful and supportive; Prepare to have courageous conversations where people feel supported and commit to making a positive change.

Afternoon Workshops: 1:15pm – 3:00pm:

Facilitation - In this hands on workshop with Anne Steiger we will explore basic tips tricks and tools to help you run engaging, effective and kind meetings with groups of any size. We will cover the basics of group dynamics, how they affect our everyday work with others, and how you can work with them not against them. Some topics will include tools for starting and ending meetings, facilitating introductions, helping you get work done and have meaningful conversations in between.

Human Resource Policy Basics for Non-Profits - Michael Coyle will discuss the role of the Board on personnel matters, why an up-to-date Human Resources Policy (Employee Manual) is important, best practices in Human Resources and the essential ingredients of a contemporary Human Resources Policy.

Strategic Frameworks for Planning - Daren Okafo, Manager of Learning with the Community Sector Council will discuss tools for strategic planning with a focus on Theory of Change; a process that defines long term goals then maps backwards to identify the necessary conditions for success. The morning session with Daren is recommended as a foundation for Session 2, however, both workshops have independent learning outcomes and is not required.

How to Write your Story with more Impact - When you write about the work of your non-profit, do you grab your readers’ attention or put them to sleep? Whether you’re writing a media release, your annual report, a social media post or an impact statement, how you tell your story can mean the difference between propelling your readers to action and leaving them unmoved. Freelance writer and editor Rachel Cooper will share 5 tips you can use to make your story come alive – and make your readers want to know more.

Admission is only $10 and lunch will be provided.

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