Expressive Cafe - Aphasia Nova Scotia
Saturday May 25, 2019  2pm - 4pm (2 Hours )
Meeting / Club Health / Wellness Family Friendly


(Meet in the parking lot just above the Red Barn)
See the rhododendron blooms

Practice speech and language skills in a safe and supportive setting, learn more about YOUR aphasia, and socialize with families living with aphasia.

The Mission of the Expressive Café is to improve communication skills using expressive and receptive activities in a safe environment. Get together with others who have aphasia, family, friends and volunteers for:
- Listen to other peoples stories
- Make new friends and contribute to our community
- Engage in leisure activities

Aphasia impacts a person’s ability to express language and process language - speech, writing and reading. It is a disorder of isolation, confidence and frustration, in part because people who have aphasia can’t communicate their ideas, thoughts and experience. We lack public support and services to assist our journey to recovery

Any questions about the Expressive Cafe: Call Mike at 902-698-9661

All other information, contact Aphasia Nova Scotia 902-445-4960 or email,


Agricultural Research Centre
32 Main Street
Kentville, Nova Scotia

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Agricultural Research Centre 32 Main Street Kentville, Nova Scotia