Stubborn Art
Saturday July 13, 2019  2pm - 4pm (2 Hours )
Gallery / Exhibit
(902) 542-7093

Bob Hainstock

Stubborn Art is mainly about an artist's work that in hindsight seemed almost reluctant to come into two-dimensional existence; art ideas that fought the limited technical abilities of the artist and initially won; or, artwork that forced reconsideration of dull habits, weak palettes and ho-hum textures.

Stubborn Art is about recovering successful work from old prints that were originally labelled as failures. Whether for reasons of poor inking, poor choice of paper or improper roller pressure, the pieces in the Stubborn Art show had initially been judged as unacceptable for their respective editions and consigned to a special section of file drawers where all "bad prints" are hidden.

The exhibition is about successful landscape art emerging with strength of color and light, evoking that special Fundy region character - a gallery story with many happy endings.

Stubborn Art is also a bit about an artist's early uncertainty on bending respected rules and traditions of printmaking. Perhaps the show could also be titled, "Stubborn Artist" as he has created an estimated 400-500 printmaking plates over his career, and each plate has had the usual share of stubborn prints.

You do the math.

This exhibition confirms a commitment to rescue 30-40 of those "failures" each year. They may have started life as woodblock prints, mono prints, collagraph prints, or rust prints, but have been subjected to the "mixed media" studio practices of soft pastel, oil pastel, acrylic washes, drawing inks, collage, or, over-printing. As a result, day time images are often turned into night. Sometimes ground-level perspectives are turned into aerial views. And so on, and so on …

Once the old prints have been reinvented, they're mounted on wood panels or plywood panels; then given several coats of varnish for surface protection and colour/contrast enhancement. The final phase of Stubborn Art is based on another stubborn belief that viewers of traditional art prints are sometimes denied a full appreciation of print textures and colours because of that barrier glass.

No more glass.


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