Kingstec Early Learning Conference
Saturday October 19, 2019  9am - 4pm (7 Hours )
Lecture / Seminar Workshop / Class Conference / Tradeshow Wheelchair Accessible

Doors Open at 8:30am


Deadline: October 4th

Join Cindy Green, Justin West, Annette Comeau and more at this fun, hands on conference! The focus of this year's conference is creativity - exploring your own creativity, as well as thinking creatively about your work.

Saturday sessions include:
- Loose Parts Buffet
- Scribbling, Mark Making and the Role of the Facilitator
- Art Journaling
- The Art of Cooking with Kids
- Experiencing Loose Parts and Documenting the Experience
- Community as the Curriculum
- Art With Infants
- Let’s (not) Get Messy!

Check out the photos or visit our website for more information, including session descriptions.


Early Childhood Development Support Centre - NSCC Kingstec Campus, Kentville

NSCC Kingstec Campus (902) 678-7341 236 Belcher Street Kentville, Nova Scotia B4N 0A6