Pizza & Movie Night
Saturday October 26, 2019  5:30pm - 8pm (2 Hours 30 Minutes)
Movie Culinary / Wine Fundraiser / Charity Wheelchair Accessible
(902) 765-4124

Based on a true story. The whole world is stunned as the Soviet Union launches Sputnik. Everyone is looking up to catch a glimpse of it as it flies overhead, even in a small coal mining town. It inspires a group of friends to design and build their own rocket. A sympathetic teacher, encourages the them to enter their rocket and research in the national science fair. She hopes it could lead to scholarships and a way out of their only other option...a life in the mines. They receive no support from friends and family and are encouraged to accept their fate in the mines. Follow the difficult process, as they search for answers to the technical problems they face in this new and exciting field of science. This is a wonderful film that will make you laugh and cry as you follow the roller coaster ride as they race to find answers to the many problems they are plagued by.
Pizza served at 5:30 pm. and the movie begins at 6:00.


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Christian Fellowship Centre
208 Dodge Road
Wilmot, Nova Scotia

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Christian Fellowship Centre 208 Dodge Road Wilmot, Nova Scotia