Annapolis County Climate Action Summit
Saturday November 9, 2019  9am - 5pm (8 Hours )
Lecture / Seminar Workshop / Class Family Friendly Community

Following the lead of the United Nations Climate Summit in New York, this free event will connect residents, businesses, organizations and municipal government in the County of Annapolis, addressing the local implications of climate change, and the individual and collective actions that need to be taken.
Participants will learn, empower and challenge one another through presentations, panel discussions, breakout sessions, a youth panel and a moderated community forum. The Summit will explore how communities in the County of Annapolis can achieve the best possible prospects of safety, resilience, dignity and opportunity in the face of our changing climate.
The impacts of climate change are having real consequences on people’s lives, as seen most recently with Hurricane Dorian. Many people and organizations are already making small and large changes to help combat the climate crisis. The Annapolis County Climate Action Summit 2019 is asking participants to take stock of what is being done, what could be done, and how we can all contribute.
- What climate change challenges are you most concerned about in Annapolis County?
- Have you identified any solutions?
- What local actions (both individual and collective) and resources are needed to achieve these solutions?
- Are you willing to be a climate action ambassador for your neighbourhood?
Engage with fellow residents, organizations, businesses and officials. This event is free, with lunch provided. Please bring your own hot and cold beverage containers. Toonie donations suggested, with all proceeds going to community halls or centres in Annapolis County. A draw will be held at the summit to determine the community hall or centre which will receive the donation.
Pre-registration is encouraged, as lunch will be provided. (Lunch: Sandwiches with local ingredients, local fruit, and homemade cookies). Please note, we're unable to adjust food offerings for those with special dietary needs.
A limited number of registrations will be available at the door on Saturday, November 9, from 8:00-8:45am. Pre-register online at or by calling 1.888.830.4466 ext. 0.


Annapolis Basin Conference Centre
761 Broadway Avenue
Cornwallis Park, Nova Scotia

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Annapolis Basin Conference Centre 761 Broadway Avenue Cornwallis Park, Nova Scotia B0S 1H0