The Startup Life: Enter the Side Door
Tuesday November 19, 2019  6pm - 8pm (2 Hours )
Music Meeting / Club Culinary / Wine Wheelchair Accessible Community

Side Door is a digital platform that matches performing artists with venues to create shows anytime, anywhere, on their own terms. Come meet CEO & Co-Founder Laura Simpson for a fireside chat and live performance with Cassie Josephine (Indie Folk Country princess). Laura and Cassie will talk about the challenges artists in the music business face and how Side Door ’s unique digital platform is defining a new business model capitalizing on the power of a networked community. Learn how Side Door is poised to hit $1 million in annual ticket sales by the end of 2020.

A lite dinner will be served at 6PM, including networking and an unplugged set with Cassie Josephine. Laura’s Side Door startup story will be served as the main course at 6:45.

Join Refresh Annapolis Valley for Global Entrepreneurship Week as we celebrate the people and organizations who make our startup ecosystem. This will be Refreshes last monthly meetup as we take a indefinite break. Don’t miss out!


Patterson Hall
24 University Avenue
Wolfville, Nova Scotia

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Patterson Hall 24 University Avenue Wolfville, Nova Scotia