Senior Luncheon
Thursday November 28, 2019  12pm - 8pm (8 Hours )
Music Culinary / Wine Community

The last Thursday of each month you are welcome to come and join us at the Senior Luncheon being held at Middleton Subway. You will receive a sub, a cookie and a drink of tea or coffee FREE. As well each month we have a guest speaker or entertainment. The month of November we have Brian Mulligan coming to sing some Christmas songs. As well we will have a story teller Rev. Lynn Uzans. Lots of fun to have.
No meeting in December but we start up again in January. Keep an eye out for the following programs. If school is cancelled we are cancelled.


131 Commercial Street
Middleton, Nova Scotia

902 825 5525

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Subway 902 825 5525 131 Commercial Street Middleton, Nova Scotia B0S 1P0