Mental Health First Aid
Saturday January 18, 2020  9am - 4pm (7 Hours )
Workshop / Class Community

MHFA Basic Certification focuses on the 4 most common mental health disorders: substance, mood, anxiety/trauma, and psychotic disorders.

Wonder what to do if someone has a panic attack- including you?

Feel unsure how to help someone who is experiencing hallucinations or delusions?

Wish you knew how to best support a loved one with depression?

MHFA participants learn basic techniques to provide support for substance overdose, suicidal behaviour, panic attacks, acute stress reactions, and psychotic episodes. Like physical first aid courses, this two-day workshop will provide you with strategies to use until professional mental health and/or medical support is available.

MHFA training is a wonderful opportunity to get together with others to discuss mental health. Participants will gain information to help themselves or others in both personal and professional settings.

Key outcomes
International evaluations and feedback have found the following outcomes for participants undertaking an MHFA course:
- Increased awareness of signs and symptoms of the most common mental health problems;
-Decreased stigma related to mental health;
-Increased confidence interacting with individuals experiencing a mental health problem or crisis;
-Increased help actually provided to individuals in crisis or experiencing a mental health problem.

Participants of this two-day program will leave with an MHFA-Basic Certification.


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Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia

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