Sound Exploration through Modular Synthesis
Wednesday March 11, 2020  5:30pm - 7:30pm (2 Hours )
Music Workshop / Class

A Complete Beginner’s Introduction to Electronic Sound Experimentation with instructor Tyler Wallis.

In this hands-on, beginner-friendly workshop we will investigate the concept of Modular Synthesis: what it is, how powerful it is, and how it can be used as a tool for musical composition and sound creation, regardless of your level of technical skill or ability as a musician. In our technological age we are no longer limited by our access to expensive instruments or technical ability - your time to express the song that’s inside you has arrived! Breaking from the belief that electronic music is cold and robotic, we will introduce concepts that show how patching and generative composition is more like playing in a sandbox of sound and the best way to learn is to dig in and get your hands dirty!

No prior music knowledge or experience is required.

The focus of this workshop is designed to be a beginner-friendly tutorial using a free and open source graphic coding environment called Pure Data. An open source program for PD, named “Automatonism 3.0”, will be used to illustrate and interact with the concepts that are being explained in the tutorial. Together, the class will follow a tutorial on how to build their very own virtual “self-playing music box”, using sequencers, oscillators, amplifiers, envelope generators, filters, effects and more! This hands-on learning environment will outline the process of “generative composition”, a process which eliminates the students need to have any prior musical knowledge and get straight to the important part - exploration of your own curiosity and imagination as well as the joy of self-expression.

Class Requirements:
- Laptop (MacOSX, Windows, Linux) *There will be limited access to the Media Lab facility for those without a laptop, but will be assigned on a first come - first served basis*
- Earbuds or Headphones (Earbuds may be preferable for the ability to have one in at a time to listen to the tutorial and your project simultaneously, but are not required)
- Mouse (Optional but highly recommended)
- No prior music theory or technical musical skill knowledge required.
- No coding knowledge required.
- Minimum age: 12

Registration is required.


Memorial Library
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Wolfville, Nova Scotia

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