Rise Up Shannon
Saturday February 22, 2020  8pm - 10pm (2 Hours )

)902) 599-0501

Naming themselves after both a river and a woman, Denise Aspinall and Aran Silmeryn have quietly made their mark as troubadours of the local music scene since 2003, earning praise for their silvery vocal harmonies and at times raucous infatuation with murder ballads and left-field underdogs. Accompanying themselves on a variety of strings and the odd whistle, they bring to life tales of dissolution and revenge, lost love and restless ghosts, from sources both contemporary and flung far in the past.

This is a Deuces Wild show, the third in a series of concerts featuring duos at fantastic venue and eatery.


The Noodle Guy Mercato
964 Highway 358
Port Williams, Nova Scotia

(902) 697-3906

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The Noodle Guy Mercato (902) 697-3906 964 Highway 358 Port Williams, Nova Scotia B0P 1T0