The next Deep Roots COVID Concert is August 8 -
featuring Alex Kehler & Andrew Wells-Oberegger and The Bombadils

The Sing-Along is Stand By Me with Mark Bezanson
YouTube link:
Please sing or play along, record yourself on video, and send the video to (email any questions you may have)
or upload to our Dropbox:

The cut-off date is Thursday, August 6 (5:00PM) and the multi-screen performance will be shown at the next Deep Roots COVID Concert on August 8 at 3:00PM ADT

For the Here I Am segment we're asking you to send short videos, or pictures, or simply just an email with your name, where you are, and a quick hello to or upload to our Here I Am Dropbox:

We'll continue to update the interactive Google Map:

The first 5 concerts are available for viewing at any time on our YouTube channel.
~ and all the segments are on there too, for easy viewing.
Deep Roots COVID Concerts Playlists:

If you care to make a contribution to help us in our effort to present local musicians, you can donate to our PayPal account:


Other Events at Deep Roots Festival Tent
Sat Sep 26  3pm
Deep Roots COVID Concert
Deep Roots Festival Tent 542-7668 Evangeline Trail Wolfville, Nova Scotia