Steven Rhude: Love and Landscape
Saturday November 21, 2020  11am - 5pm (6 Hours )
(902) 542-7093

Steven Rhude: Love and Landscape
29 Inspired New Paintings
November 21 - December 31

"In these paintings, I am undoubtedly wandering far off from the intrusiveness of the pandemic (there are no paintings of people with masks on, protests, or desolate city streets), simply because art drives us into areas we would otherwise not think to explore when we are restrained or in a lockdown. It lifts us up and takes us away from the dreary here and now burden of today’s restrictions and sanitization, and allows us to look at things afresh. So I thought about painting things I love; like couples on the Wolfville trail at dusk, figures motionless on the dykeland, or the town’s athletic field at night, even a pile of debris near Canning, and the cat waking my wife up in the morning. Strange how all these things seemed worth making a record of now.

Paintings have a way of trapping memory. They become relics of past thoughts, actions and experiences. We can call them time capsules, or even placeholders, so one can remember where we stood, metaphorically speaking, when we experienced something as monotonous as a pandemic." - Steven Rhude


Harvest Gallery (902) 542-7093 462 Main Street Wolfville, Nova Scotia B4P 1E2