Music, Food and Friendship Fundraiser
Sunday May 2, 2021  8:30am - 9pm (12 Hours 30 Minutes)
Music Culinary / Wine Fundraiser / Charity Community

Join us for a day of music, food and friendship. Come for breakfast (omelettes, hashbrowns, coffee and juice) at 8:30 - 9:30 or 9:45 - 10:30. Or enjoy a Syrian-inspired meal cooked by chef Ethan Sperling (amuse-bouche, appetizer, main and dessert with one drink; vegetarian option available) from noon - 2:30. Or maybe you would prefer a relaxing evening of easy drinking cream ales by Finnegan Lit Co, with music by Zak Miller and Daniel McFadyen. All proceeds towards the Wolfville Refugee Support Network. To reserve seats, please call (902) 684-0524 or email

Breakfast $20, Lunch $50, Evening $25.

Please email or phone for tickets.

The Noodle Guy Mercato
964 Highway 358
Port Williams, Nova Scotia

(902) 697-3906

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The Noodle Guy Mercato (902) 697-3906 964 Highway 358 Port Williams, Nova Scotia B0P 1T0