Artisans in Action
Sunday October 3, 2021  12pm - 4pm (4 Hours )

The Avon River has a way of drawing people to her and that certainly was the case for Zacchary Paul, who first arrived at Treaty Truckhouse 2 in July of 2020. Finding his goals to travel south to compete as a downhill skateboarder postponed due to a pandemic, Zacc instead let destiny be his guide. With $3.87 in his pocket and a handful of porcupine quills, he went off on his way with no known destination in sight. After a few serendipitous events he found himself at the Windsor Causeway and now, 15 months later, he continues to call the Avon River his home. Zacc has become a valuable voice for the Mi’kmaq Water Protectors and all of the species that reside throughout the Avon and her many tributaries.

To learn more about Zacc's story and the valuable work being done at Treaty Truckhouse 2 to preserve Mi'kmaq skills and knowledge, join us in the boathouse to talk to Zacc in person and see some of the crafts being produced at the encampment.


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