Volunteer Recognition and Appreciation Workshop
Tuesday October 26, 2021  7pm - 8pm (1 Hour )
Lecture / Seminar Workshop / Class

902 385 4950

This is a workshop that focuses on volunteers and donors and the importance of them feeling appreciated. For example the #1 reason people don't donate again is they don't remember being thanked, and over 70% of volunteers will drop out for similar reasons. The truth is we do recognition very poorly, if the goal is people feeling appreciated in the long term. For example, how many people really remember the coffee mug they got? Even the end of year dinner and celebration is torture for many and is rated by recipients as the least popular method of recognition, yet used by 50% of organizations. Join Max Chauvin in learning the difference between recognition and appreciation and how your organization can do better at the latter.



Zoom Platform
Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia

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