Earth Explorers
Monday July 11, 2022  9am - 12pm (3 Hours )
Meeting / Club Workshop / Class Recreation / Fitness Health / Wellness Family Friendly Outdoor Community

Curiosity and exploration are key drivers for children ages 8-11 years. They are beginning to grapple with their place in the world and are care-takers at heart. We will nature this important quality, introducing them to the other than human world as well as supporting them in their navigation with the group. Plant and animal ID, fairy houses, shelter building and water play will all feature in our Earth Explorations program. At this age children will clearly articulate their interests and we will lean in as much as possible to co-create a fun, safe space for all.
Pricing & Tickets
$155 (8 sessions)
Bird Sanctuary
70 Park Street
Kentville, Nova Scotia

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