Amateur Radio Field Day
Sunday June 26, 2022  12:01am - 3pm (14 Hours 59 Minutes)

Amateur Radio Field Day is when Amateur Radio Operators (HAMs) across Canada and the US set up emergency radios and contact as many other stations as possible in a 24-hour contest like fashion. During the event, we will demonstrate radio skills, meet challenges of emergency preparedness, and provide Educational Field Day activities. Interested visitors will be able to talk on the amateur radio to someone around the country or the world. Everyone is invited to participate, have FUN and get-on-the-air with the Greenwood Amateur Radio Club. Drop by anytime during our 24-hours of Field Day Operations.


Community Centre
13972 Hwy 1
Wilmot, Nova Scotia

(902) 825-2700

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Community Centre (902) 825-2700 13972 Hwy 1 Wilmot, Nova Scotia B0P 1W0