Amateur Radio Course for Beginners
Wednesday September 28, 2022  6pm - 9pm (3 Hours )
Workshop / Class

The Greenwood Amateur Radio Club is pleased to offer a course (Sept 28 - Dec 1) that will lead to earning a Basic Amateur Radio license. There is something for everyone in Amateur Radio. It is not only fun making contacts and friends around the world, but an Amateur Radio License comes in handy for Emergency and Public Service Communications.

$65 covers registration, Canadian Amateur Radio Basic Qualification Study Guide, Exam, and a 1-year GUEST Membership upon passing the Exam.

Lions Club
1482 Veterans Lane (Union St.)
Kingston, Nova Scotia

(902) 765-2128

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Lions Club (902) 765-2128 1482 Veterans Lane (Union St.) Kingston, Nova Scotia B0P 1R0