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Landscape & Colour Studio Retreat with Sara Hartland-Rowe OCT 21-23

Reconnect with nature and immerse yourself in a land-based creation process, here in the meadows, forest trails, and rolling fields of Ross Creek! Discover the meditative process of transforming regional flora by crafting natural watercolours and inks. You’ll develop your painting and drawing skills while completing landscape studies in the studio and en plein air. Our multi-talented faculty member, Sara, will have you taking part in creative experiments that will broaden your horizons and help you see the natural world with a whole new perspective.

About Ross Creek’s Adult Arts Weekend Retreats

Break away from your day-to-day for a weekend intensive in a beautiful rural setting. Add a new medium to your creative toolkit or fine-tune your skills under the mentorship of one of our extraordinary artist faculty members. These unique programs offer time and space to retreat, reconnect, and re-energize, all while you develop hands-on artistic abilities.

You can choose to stay for the entire weekend in comfortable overnight accommodations with all fantastic fresh meals included. There is also an option to only attend the daytime workshop sessions with the group. We will provide all materials. No previous experience is necessary.
Pricing & Tickets
Pricing: $287.50-$362.25
555 Ross Creek Road
Canning, Nova Scotia
 902 582-3842


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