Presentation by Chris Koch
Wednesday November 30, 2022  7pm - 8pm (1 Hour )
Meeting / Club Wheelchair Accessible Family Friendly

Chris Koch doesn’t let limitations or obstacles stand in his way. Despite being born without arms and legs, Koch grew up like any other small-town kid — playing road hockey, causing mischief at school, and helping out on his family farm. Neither he or his family treated his disability like a tragedy, and instead used it to fuel his dreams. Today, Koch is a motivational speaker who inspires his audiences to continually challenge themselves and build the life they dream of. Come to hear all about Chris' story and begin to think of ways we can make our life more accessible to those living with disabilities. The following event is free of charge and open to anyone. Chris will be visiting all high schools from Windsor to Yarmouth to share his inspirational story. Thanks to the Valley Rotary club for sponsoring this unique opportunity to the high school students and the public within our communities.
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Pricing: Free
75 Greenwich Road South
Greenwich, Nova Scotia


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