Jack McDonald
Saturday January 28, 2023  1pm - 3pm (2 Hours)


All ages.
A long–time resident of the Valley, Jack originally hails from New York/New Jersey. Introduced to the guitar, and to the singer-songwriter tradition in the heydays of the 60’s, he has continued to refine and expand his musical boundaries ever since! With a strong emphasis on the power of lyric as a vehicle for story – both personal and political – he has developed an impressive musical body of work, which runs the gamut from rock to blues to country. Tender ballads reminiscent of Childs, rollicking folk hero Americana, straight-up rock’n’roll - even populist anthems have found a home in his creative repertoire.

A multi-instrumentalist, Jack has collaborated with many highly talented musicians and singers over the last four decades, delighting Nova Scotian audiences with their renditions of Appalachia, British Isles Celtic, and traditional folk. But it is as a seasoned songwriter, though, that his sense of the complex intersection of our private and public lives really shines through, revealing songs that sing of modern-day trials and triumph. A winner of the Deep Roots’ Valley Arts Award, Jack offers listeners a rare afternoon of deeply felt and accomplished songwriting.

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Pricing: Free
7 River Street
Kentville, Nova Scotia



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