The Taproom Growlers
Saturday February 4, 2023  7pm - 9pm (2 Hours)


Doors open at 6pm

THE TAPROOM GROWLERS is an A cappella singing group from the Annapolis Royal area who sing a lively repertoire of sea shanties and songs of the sea.  The members of the group are Kevin Thompson (founder of the group), Ken Maher, Wayne Currie, Ray Balcom, Gordon Keel, John Bottomley, Miles Leahy and Maurice LeClair.  They perform extensively in western Nova Scotia, and they were invited to attend the Fundy Sea Shanty Festival, an international Festival taking place in St. Martins, New Brunswick this coming summer.
Pricing & Tickets
Pricing: $20 at the door or advance at the Dawn Oman Gallery, 902-588-2002

Where to buy Tickets
Dawn Oman Gallery, 298 Granville St., Bridgetown
298 Granville Street
Bridgetown, Nova Scotia


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