Family Day
Saturday June 17, 2023  10am - 4pm (6 Hours)
Recreation / Fitness Family Friendly Outdoor

This is the event everyone has been asking and waiting for, our annual Family Day\Open House is back.

We will have a BBQ and canteen on site serving up fresh local products. Members of the AVSSC will be on hand to provide safety and shooting instruction. Firearm license (PAL) IS NOT required. Only firearms, ammunition, bows and arrows provided by the AVSSC will be allowed on club property for this event. If you have access to eye and ear protection, please bring it along. We have limited supplies. This year's Team Challenge event will start at 4:00pm, please have your 5 member team ready by 3:30pm. Each team must have at least 1 member of the opposite sex competing. One member from each team will shoot in one of the five main shooting disciplines. Winning team's name will be added to the trophy displayed at the AVSSC
Pricing & Tickets
Pricing: $1 per ticket, most shooting stations will require more than one ticket