Kirkin' of the Tartan
Sunday June 4, 2023  2:30pm - 4pm (1 Hour 30 Minutes)
Family Friendly Community

The 'Kirkin' of the Tartan' is a cultural event that entails the blessing of clan tartans and a celebration of Scottish heritage. Fraser is the selected Tartan of Honour this year. Bring a piece of your family’s tartan to bless and share with others your ancestral ties. Following the formal Kirkin’, attendees are invited to continue in the fun and refreshments at the Celtic Hearth, at 2367 Ridge Road, Grand Pre, where live music will be enjoyed, food will be shared, and stories will be told. The Kirkin’ is open to all who are interested in coming together to re-ignite the fires of our ancestors.

This event has no charge to attend, however, a hat will be passed around at the church to support the Covenanter Church Heritage Fund. Sponsored by the Annapolis Valley Branch of Clan Donald.
Pricing & Tickets
Pricing: Donation
1989 Grand Pre Road
Grand Pre, Nova Scotia


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