Evangeline Kennel Club All Breed Championship Dog Show
Friday June 23, 2023  11am - 8pm (9 Hours)


EKC will be hosting their All Breed Championship Dog Show. The Evangeline Kennel Club is an all-breed club whose members are dedicated to promoting purebred dogs and responsible dog ownership. This year we will be hosting the 145th, 146th, 147th, 148th, and 149th All Breed Championship Dog Show. We are very excited to be welcoming breeders and dogs from all over Canada and the US. We usually bring in between 160 and 200 dogs per show, plus 100 or so visitors. Open Friday 11am to 8pm, Saturday and Sunday from 8am to 6pm
Pricing & Tickets
Pricing: $2 for kids / $5 for an adult / $10.00 for a family
221-249 Wentworth Road
Windsor, Nova Scotia



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