Sahara Jane and Ken Shorley
Saturday September 9, 2023  7pm - 9pm (2 Hours)
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Doors open at 6:15am

Sahara Jane’s musical journey has taken her from Beijing to Bombay, from Canada’s Fundy shore to the south of France. She is a songwriter, vocalist and performer in many musical styles with an onstage presence which audiences find both disarming and spellbinding.
Sahara Jane performs with her husband, multi-instrumentalist Ken Shorley, who adds tabla, keyboards and electronic textures to their sound. In addition to voice and guitar, Sahara plays the sarangi, a haunting string instrument that was once popular in South Asia, but is now played by few. Sahara and Ken have played in festivals across Canada, Europe and Asia and they are currently recording their third studio album together. To find out more visit and

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Pricing & Tickets
Pricing: Admission - $20, reserve or at the door. Call 902-588-2002 to reserve seating for groups of 4 or more.
298 Granville Street
Bridgetown, Nova Scotia


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