The Geologic History of Minas Basin
Thursday September 28, 2023  6:30pm - 7:30pm (1 Hour)
Lecture / Seminar

Learning From Your Neighbours Lecture Series

In Elizabeth's first presentation earlier this Spring, we looked at the history of the rocks surrounding Minas Basin. We started with the sedimentary rocks and fossils of Blue Beach (350 million years old) and ended with the basalts of the North Mountain (160 million years old).

In this presentation, we’ll address only the last 2 million years: the Ice Ages and today’s tidal system. We'll also explore how this geologic history overlaps and intertwines with the history of the first people, the Mi’qmaq.

Elizabeth Kosters is an earth scientist. She has held teaching positions at Acadia University and Dalhousie University.

You do not need to have attended "The Geographic History of Minas Basin Part 1" in order to attend this session.

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21 Elm Avenue
Wolfville, Nova Scotia



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