Workshop: Altered Vision
Thursday November 23, 2023  2pm - 5pm (3 Hours)
Workshop / Class

Event in Room: Upstairs

The human response to locations is experienced in a number of ways through the senses. Two of those ways are presented through Altered Vision/Altered Sound. How do the senses interrelate? How do they influence each other? If we listen to a soundscape that seems peaceful while viewing a complex image, are we able to discover a new way of experiencing that seemingly contradictory pairing? What do the sounds ‘look like’ when processed through audio software, allowing us to see patterns of frequency and intensity of volume. This introductory workshop will include working with PhotoSounder and iZotope RX. We will use software tools to convert images to sound (and vice versa), and explore how that process, and the insight it brings, alters our perception and understanding of the images. We will see how images can help to unmask the patterns and codes contained in sounds. As time allows, there will also be an opportunity to hear your own drawing, and see your own voice.
Capacity: 4 participants.
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396 St. George Street
Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia


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