Tuesday April 30, 2024  6:15pm - 7:30pm (1 Hour 15 Minutes)
Dance Workshop / Class Health / Wellness Aged 19+

BOHOdance is an innovative and inclusive dance fitness program that combines elements of different dance styles to celebrate movement and self-expression in a supportive, non-judgmental environment. It's designed for participants of all body types and fitness levels, emphasizing the joy of dance and the importance of mental and physical well-being over perfection or competition.
The classes encourage personal expression and are tailored to accommodate a wide range of abilities, ensuring everyone can participate and enjoy the benefits of dance. BOHOdance stands out by fostering a sense of community among its participants, making it more than just a workout—it's an experience that uplifts, connects, and inspires.
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Recreation Centre
348 Main Street
Kentville, Nova Scotia

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