38 Queen Street
Bridgetown, Nova Scotia
B0S 1C0



Tue Sep 266:30pKnitting Nook
Wed Sep 2710:00aAuthors' Ink
Fri Sep 296:00pGirl Power
Tue Oct 106:30pKnitting Nook
Wed Oct 1110:00aAuthors' Ink
Fri Oct 201:30pCrafty Connections: Beaded Bracelets
Sat Oct 2110:30a"While You Were Sleeping" Book Launch with Briana Corr Scott
Tue Oct 246:30pKnitting Nook
Wed Oct 2510:00aAuthors' Ink
Fri Oct 276:00pGirl Power
Tue Nov 76:30pKnitting Nook
Wed Nov 810:00aAuthors' Ink
Fri Nov 171:30pCrafty Connections: Needle Book
Tue Nov 216:30pKnitting Nook
Wed Nov 2210:00aAuthors' Ink
Fri Nov 241:30pIntroduction to Calligraphy: Ancient Celtic Lettering
Fri Nov 246:00pGirl Power
Wed Dec 610:00aAuthors' Ink
Fri Dec 81:30pCrafty Connections: Lantern Jars
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38 Queen Street Bridgetown, Nova Scotia B0S 1C0